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9/25/23: Democrats Freak Over Trump Plus 10 Poll, WGA Strike Reach Agreement, Biden To Picket with UAW, Nazi Honored In Canadian Parliament, Gaetz Fights Shutdown Politics, Menendez Pulls Race Card, Bachelor For Olds, Legalized Bribery, Anti Racist Grift Squanders Millions

Krystal and Saagar discuss the WGA reaching a tentative agreement after striking for almost 150 days, Democrats freak over Trump plus 10 over Biden poll, Biden to join the picket line at UAW in historic move, UAW President Shawn Fain shreds the Big 3’s lies on Car prices, a literal former SS Nazi was honored by Zelensky in the Canadian parliament, Matt Gaetz fights with Maria Baritromo on the politics of the government shutdown, cable TV caters to it’s remaining audience with The Golden Bachelor for elderly viewers, Krystal looks at the legalized bribery established by recent examples in SCOTUS and Senator Menendez, and Saagar looks into how Ibram Kendi’s Anti Racism center is collapsing under the grift.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:05)WGA Strike Reaches Deal (7:27)Trump Plus 10 Over Biden Poll (19:12)Biden To Join UAW Picket Line (27:56)Shawn Fain Shreds Big 3 Lies (36:23)Nazi Honored By Canadian Parliament (49:01)Matt Gaetz On Shutdown Politics (1:00:15)Menendez Pulls Race Card (1:10:25)The Golden Bachelor (1:20:08)Krystal on Legalized Bribery (1:28:49)Saagar on Ibram Kendi’s Anti Racist Grift Exposed (1:41:34)EoS

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