The ‘Last Gen X playground’ has been found, and people can’t contain their nostalgia


The ‘Last Gen X playground’ has been found, and people can’t contain their nostalgia

It seems like so many iterations of unfettered joy from our childhood haven’t made it to the modern age, and playgrounds are no exception.

Gone are the days of metal slides that scorched the derriere in the summertime, seesaws that doubled as human catapults and the notorious merry-go-rounds that separated the weak from the strong. Good old fashioned character building—safety be damned!

As it turns out, a few of these old relics are still standing. And footage of kids playing at one of these bygone parks is filling adults—particularly Gen Xers—with sweet nostalgia.

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Woman demonstrates a viral ketchup hack to get the last drop out of the bottle: ‘How cool is that?’

Imagine this: You’re trying to get the tiny bit of ketchup leftover in a bottle onto the contents of your plate. Instead of obediently falling on its designated spot, the ketchup bottle splats out everything in all directions. Nobody wants a huge blob of ketchup to get our scrumptious fries soggy before we eat them.

At the same time, it is always a challenge to get the ketchup out of non-squeezable bottles anyway. But one TikTok user has shared a genius hack to get the condiment out of the bottles easily and most people love this idea.

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Vivid Seats is your gateway to premium live experiences

Imagine stepping into a vibrant world where unforgettable performances aren’t just once-in-a-lifetime experiences but a regular joy. This is where Vivid Seats steps in, a gateway to not just witness but truly live these awe-inspiring moments.

With a remarkable array of events and a seamless journey from choosing an event to stepping into the venue, Vivid Seats promises not just tickets but keys to unforgettable experiences, opening doors to a world where every fan finds their heart’s desire. Vivid Seats crafts memories that are as vivid as life itself!

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The 25-year-old money-saving ‘bible’ that millennials and Gen Zers absolutely need to read

“The Complete Tightwad Gazette,” by Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced “decision”) is exactly what it sounds like—a newspaper for tightwads—only in this case “tightwad” isn’t used as an insult. From 1990 to 1996, Dacyszyn published a newsletter about frugal living as a lifestyle called “The Tightwad Gazette,” and this book is a compilation of her life’s work.

Here are a few of the helpful bits of wisdom it contains.

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Here are the 15 pieces of wisdom that people in their 40s wished they knew when they were younger

There is no greater teacher than experience. But wouldn’t life be a lot easier if we actually listened to those of us who are older and wiser so we didn’t have to learn the big lessons in life the hard way?

If only life were that easy.

A funny thing happens to many people: you think you know everything in your early 20s, but once you hit your 30s, you realize you didn’t know much at all. But by the time your 40s set in, the hard-earned life lessons begin to take hold, and if obeyed, can lead to a more satisfying life.

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