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9/21/23: Zelensky Calls For Stripping Nukes From Russia, Ukraine Fires Controversial Spokesperson, Dems Panic Over Trump’s Union Visit, UAW President Details Big Three Corruption, Australian MP’s On Freeing Julian Assange, Dems Dominate Special Elections, Journalist Charged For Jan 6th, Republicans Attack Biden For Being Pro Union, And Will Hurd Joins To Discuss His 2024 Presidential Run

Krystal and Saagar discuss Zelensky’s speech at the UN, Ukraine fires controversial spokesperson, Dems panic over Trump’s union visit, Shawn Fain exposes corruption of the big three automakers, two Australian MP’s join to discuss efforts to free Julian Assange, Democrats dominate in special elections across the country, journalist arrested for Jan 6th involvement, Republicans attack Biden over union support, and Will Hurd joins to discuss his 2024 presidential run. ‘

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:22)Zelensky Calls For Stripping Nukes From Russia (16:24)Ukraine Fires Controversial Spokesperson (21:26)Biden Panics Over Trump Union Speech (31:34)UAW President Calls Out Big Three Corruption (41:49)Australian Lawmakers On Efforts To Free Assange (53:30)Dems Win Big In Special Elections (1:04:35)Journalist Arrested For Jan 6th Involvement (1:12:16)Conservatives Attack Biden For Being Pro Union (1:22:38)Will Hurd Joins To Discuss His 2024 Run (1:49:13)End Of Show

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