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9/20/23: Tim Scott And Nikki Haley Attack UAW, Biden And Zelensky Plea For More Aid At UN, GOP Infighting Sets Up Gov Shutdown, Pakistan Gets IMF Bailout For Secret Ukraine Arms Deal, Russell Brand Demonetized On YouTube, Trump Plots Further Corporate Tax Cuts, And Google Accused Of Suppressing Rumble In Algorithms

Ryan and Emily discuss Tim Scott calling for striking workers to be fired, Biden And Zelensky make push for further Ukraine support at UN, GOP infighting sets up government shutdown, US helps Pakistan get IMF bailout in exchange for Ukraine aid, Russell Brand demonetized on YouTube amid allegations, Trump plots tax cuts 2.0 for corporations, and Google accused of suppressing Rumble in the algorithm during the first GOP debate.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:23)Tim Scott Attacks UAW Strike (17:33)Zelensky, Biden Plea For More Ukraine Support At UN (28:57)GOP Infighting Sets Up Gov Shutdown (41:07)Pakistan Gets IMF Bailout Secret Ukraine Arms Deal (53:32)YouTube Demonetizes Russell Brand (1:06:49)Trump Plans Corporate Giveaway If Elected (1:21:31)Google Accused Of Suppressing Rumble In Algorithm (1:34:40)End Of Show

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