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The Lighthouse: “Our Democracy” | How Not to Arrest Homelessness | ObamaCare Makes You Sicker

September 19, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
Victor Davis Hanson Interview: Imaginary “Threats to Our Democracy”

Dr. Atlas talks with renowned historian and Independent Institute Senior Advisor Victor Davis Hanson, about the phrase “threat to our democracy”—who uses it, what it means, and what the real threats to democracy actually are. WATCH NOW »

We Can’t Arrest Our Way out of Homelessness, But Law Enforcement Still Has a Role

Mary L. G. Theroux and Christopher Calton (Miami Herald)

And that doesn’t mean letting people wither away in prison, either. The answer? “Jail diversion” programs that are a proven pathway to transformed lives. Care about the homeless? You need to read this. READ MORE »

Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope

ObamaCare Turns Out to Be Affordable Only for the Healthy

John C. Goodman, Beverly Gossage (Wall Street Journal)

The data is in: ObamaCare makes health insurance as good as possible for the healthy and as bad as possible for the sick. In fact, most people with serious health problems would have been much better off on their pre-ObamaCare plans. Is it time to scrap this law? READ MORE »

New Way to Care

Social Protections that Put Families First

By John C. Goodman

Misinformation Is a Word We Use To Shut You Up

Daniel B. Klein (American Spectator)

Those who sling the word “misinformation” around are, invariably, the greatest purveyors of it. When they censor, it’s not over matters of fact, but matters of interpretation and judgment. But they misinform us about this. READ MORE »
John Yoo Interview:
Censorship under the Pandemic

Newsom’s COVID Coverup

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)

Gov. Newsom now claims that during the pandemic “we” would have done things “differently,” when it was he alone calling the shots. All of them. The struggle against white coat supremacy, like the struggle against bad government, is the struggle of memory against forgetting. READ MORE »

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