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9/8/23: Krystal And Kyle Debate Briahna Joy Gray On Green Party And Biden, Twitter Accused Of Aiding Saudi Human Rights Abuse, Trump Floats Debating Meghan Markle, Historic Antitrust Movement, And New Push For AI Regulation

This week the Breaking Point team looks at Krystal and Kyle debating Briahna Joy Gray on the Green Party and Biden, Twitter Accused Of Aiding Saudi Human Rights Abuses, Trump Floats The Possibility Of Debating Meghan Markle, Matt Stoller ON A Potentially Historic Antitrust Shockwave, And New Push From Experts For AI Regulation Within Congress.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (0:14)Kyle And Krystal Debate Briahna Joy Gray (38:30)Twitter Accused Of Enabling Saudi Rights Abuses (44:38)Trump Floats Debating Meghan Markle (50:10)Matt Stoller On Anti Trust Breakthrough (1:07:03)Push For Government AI Regulation (1:16:39)End Of Show

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