‘Japanification’ for China? It should be so lucky.

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Sogo & Seibu labor union to launch rare strike after talks break down
Around 900 workers at Ikebukuro’s flagship will participate in what will be the first strike at a Japanese department store in about 60 years.
Media responds to report on sexual abuse at Johnny and Associates
The committee said Japan’s mainstream media chose to ignore Kitagawa’s sexual abuse in order to maintain access to Johnny & Associates’ talent pool.
Japan’s average retail gas price hits record ¥185.60 per liter
The average price for regular gasoline stood at ¥185.60 per liter as of Monday, the highest since comparable data became available in 1990.
Ministry panel proposes introducing joint custody after divorce
The proposal comes amid increased attention on bitter custodial battles between divorced parents.
What happened to shut down Toyota’s production in Japan?
Disruption shut down a system at the core of Toyota’s lean manufacturing process.

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Aging Japan’s births fall 3.6% to 370,000 in January to June
The number of births in the six-month period suggests that the annual total in the country this year is likely to stay around the record low in 2022.
Concerns raised over the ‘dangerous’ ideology shaping AI debate
Long-termism, and linked ideologies like transhumanism and effective altruism, holds huge sway in universities and throughout the tech sector.
National Police Agency to upgrade cyber unit to department
The National Cyber Unit was established in April last year.
Leading BOJ hawk hints at chance of policy shift in early 2024
‘The achievement is finally and clearly within sight after a decade of large-scale monetary easing aimed at attaining it,” board member Naoki Tamura said.
Wildfire in Greece destroys area bigger than New York City
Fueled by gale force winds and hot weather, the fire quickly spread across the Evros region, killing at least 20 people last week.
Few Catholics in Mongolia, but Pope’s visit eyes geopolitics
In going to the sparsely populated, Buddhist-majority nation, the pope may be eyeing Mongolia as a way to help build bridges with China and Russia.
‘Japanification’ for China? It should be so lucky.
China is on the path to global dominance nor set for collapse, and observers should consider the various shades of gray in analyzing these countries.
New sumo ranks highlight rise of next generation
Ahead of the autumn tournament in Tokyo, it’s the up-and-coming wrestlers who are making waves.
Japan’s World Cup run ends with loss to Australia
World No. 36 Japan ran into a brick wall in the form of No. 3 Australia at Okinawa Arena.

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