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Donald Trump Promises to Throw “Evil People” in Jail, and more

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Donald Trump Promises to Throw “Evil People” in Jail

In an interview with conservative media personality Glenn Beck, former President Donald Trump promised that if he is re-elected he will “lock up” the individuals who are making a concerted effort to politically destroy him. Trump stressed that these…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Donald Trump Praises Vivek Ramaswamy

On August 29, 2023, former President Donald Trump praised Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy when he was asked if he would tap the biotech engineer and businessman as a running mate. “I think he’s great,”the former president said to conservative…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Will Not Resign As He Faces Impeachment Trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has vocally rejected speculation that he would resign from his position ahead of his upcoming impeachment trial. “Wrong! I will never stop fighting for the people of Texas and defending our conservative values,”…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Viktor Orbán Warns Tucker Carlson That World War III Could Be Around the Corner

During Tucker Carlson’s recent trip to Hungary, he interviewed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Prior to this interview, Carlson gave a speech where he roasted the United States’s Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman. During Tucker Carlson’s…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

POLL: Republican Party Holds a 10-Point Advantage Over Democrats on Immigration

According to a Rasmussen poll, 48% of likely United States voters trust Republicans more to tackle immigration, whereas 38% trust Democrats more. An additional 14% are unsure. 33% of voters rate the manner in which President Biden has handled issues…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

POLL: 36% of Democrat Voters Want Gavin Newsom To Run Against Joe Biden

Over one-third of Democrat voters want California Governor Gavin Newsom to run a primary challenge against incumbent President Joe Biden in an effort to capture the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination. Per a Rasmussen poll published on August 28,…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Teacher Union Wants Teachers To Transform Into Anti-Gun Zealots

Back in July, during a major teachers union conference, teachers were urged to lobby for the passage of gun control measures. Per the Defense of Freedom Institute, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) celebrated a “Together Educating America’s…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

UNREAL: New York County Suddenly “Loses” Firearm Permit Applications

A year ago, countless residents of Erie County rushed to acquire pistol permits right before newly imposed gun control measures went into effect. Carmen Marino, a resident of Erie County, was among the many residents who tried to acquire this permit.…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Gun Grab: Facebook is Censoring a New Jersey Gun Store

WeShoot, a range and gun store, in the Jersey Shore area is facing significant social media censorship. Mark Abady, one of WeShoot’s owners, claims that the store has been facing repeated cases of Facebook trying to censor the gun store’s social…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Judge Rules in Favor of Connecticut Unconstitutional Prohibition on Semi-Automatic Firearms

On August 3, 2023, Judge Janet Bond Arterton of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut issued a ruling where she upheld that a Connecticut law prohibiting the possession of common semi-automatic rifles and pistols that fall…

Aug 30, 2023Big League Politics

Minnesota Continues Attacking Young Adults’ Right to Carry Firearms

Earlier this month, the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a federal lawsuit taking on Minnesota’s prohibition on firearms carry by young adults have submitted a response brief to the state’s appeal of SAF’s victory in the courts. The…

Aug 29, 2023Big League Politics

Ohio is Caught Up in a Big Legal Fight About Local Gun Control

On August 15, 2023, the Ohio Tenth District Court of Appeals overturned and kicked back to a Franklin County judge a case that is part of a protracted legal battle between the City of Columbus and the state over whether the city has the power to…

Aug 29, 2023Big League Politics

2A Hero Kyle Rittenhouse Rolls Out Foundation to Fight Gun Control

“protects human and civil rights secured by law, including an individual’s inalienable right to bear arms” and “ensures the Second Amendment is preserved through education and legal assistance.” The foundation’s directors are Rittenhouse, Texas Gun…

Aug 29, 2023Big League Politics

Anti-American Alliance BRICS Grows Stronger As It Invites 6 More Members

The BRICS economic fold recently invited six new nations to join its ranks. This invitation marks the most significant expansion attempt by the bloc since it was created. On August 24, 2024 South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced this move…

Aug 29, 2023Big League Politics

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