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The Mystery of Long COVID Is Just the Beginning

The discussions surrounding long COVID — the maddening array of postinfection maladies that stick around in the body, cycling through the joints, brain, and heart — have, like so much else associated with the pandemic, largely receded into the fog of public memory. Many have even suggested that long COVID doesn’t really exist, that it’s just chronic fatigue syndrome by another name or perhaps something else altogether. But the mystery of long COVID remains, as do the possibly millions of people continuing to suffer from its effects who are desperate for answers. Lisa Sanders, an internist at Yale who writes the “Diagnosis” column for The New York Times Magazine that inspired the hit show House, has recently turned her medical detective’s eye toward patients who suspect they have long COVID, trying to figure out what exactly might be ailing them and what treatment they should receive. As Sanders tells New York‘s Lisa Miller, despite some breakthroughs by researchers, it’s investigative work being done in the dark without a map: “I’m out here in the ether where nobody knows nothing.”

—Ryu Spaeth, features editor, New York  

The Mystery of Long COVID Is Just the Beginning At Yale’s clinic, medical sleuth Lisa Sanders is trying almost everything.

Photo: Hugo Yu

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