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8/29/23: Trump Trial Date Right Before Super Tuesday, Dems Overwhelmingly Think Biden Too Old, Warren Buffet Bets Against Economy, Krystal Calls Out Bernie and Cornel West, Eminem Cease and Desists Vivek, Europe Freaks At Potential Trump 2.0, AutoWorkers Demand 4 Day Work Week

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s long list of trial dates being set with one being right before Super Tuesday, Democrats overwhelmingly say Biden is too Old to run, Kamala cries about Newsom-Desantis Debate stealing her spotlight, Warren Buffet predicts Recession and makes bets against US economy, Krystal calls out Bernie Sanders and Cornel West in 3rd Party dispute, Eminem sends a cease and desist to the Vivek Campaign, Sean Hannity grills Vivek on Israel policy, Saagar looks into Europe freaking over a potential Trump victory, and Krystal looks into AutoWorkers demanding 4 Day Work Weeks.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:50)Trump Trial DAY BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY (19:06)Dems OVERWHELMINGLY Say Biden TOO OLD To Run (27:20)Kamala CRIES About Newsom DeSantis Debate (34:04)Warren Buffet Makes Bet AGAINST US Economy (42:16)Home Insurance Cost SKYROCKETS Amid Disasters (50:23)Krystal CALLS OUT Bernie & Cornel West In Dispute (1:02:32)Eminem Sends Vivek CEASE AND DESIST Over Lose Yourself (1:07:28)Sean Hannity CONFRONTS Vivek Over Israel Funding (1:16:51)Saagar on Europe FREAKS At Prospect Of Trump Victory (1:16:25)Krystal on Autoworkers DEMAND 4 Day Workweek (1:40:20)EoS

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