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8/28/23: Trump DOWN After Missing Republican Debates, Trump Mugshot, Putin Confirms Prigozhin Death, Panic Over Paid UPS Drivers, Oliver Anthony Calls Out Republicans, Media Simps Nikki Haley, BRICS Expansion Threatens PetroDollar

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump going down in polls after missing debates, Trump’s mugshot raising millions for his campaign, Putin confirms Wagner Leader’s death, US military blasts Ukraine Tactics, Bloomberg TV Panics over well paid UPS drivers, Oliver Anthony calls out Republican Elites over his song, Media simps for Neocon Nikki Haley after GOP debates, and China declares war on US hegemony with BRICS expansion. ‘

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:10)Trump DOWN After Missing Republican Debates (13:38)Trump Mugshot BACKFIRE? Campaign Raises Millions (24:04)’No Homo’ Jesse Waters FAWNS Over ‘HARD, FIERCE’ Trump (28:45)COLD BLOODED Putin Confirms Prigozhin Death, Past Friendship (37:21)US Military BLASTS Ukraine Bad Tactics (49:52)Bloomberg TV PANICS Over Well Paid UPS Drivers (1:06:02)Oliver Anthony CALLS OUT Republican Elites: ‘Song Was About You’ (1:16:50)Krystal on Media SIMPS For Neocon Queen Nikki Haley (1:25:05)Saagar on BRICS Expansion (1:38:41)EoS

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