Bigger isn’t necessarily better for the future of BRICS

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Japan eyes fisheries aid amid China’s Fukushima-linked import ban
The government seeks to mitigate the Chinese move’s negative impact on the fishery industry while continuing to urge China to lift the ban.
Russia hopes to raise seafood exports to China after Japan ban
Russia is already one of the biggest marine product suppliers to China, with 894 Russian companies allowed to export seafood.
Japan, U.S., Australia and Philippines hold joint naval drills
The joint exercises in the South China Sea come amid Beijing’s continuous attempts to obstruct Manila’s supply activities at footholds in the waterway.
The party returns to Koenji
While the COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary pause to one of Tokyo’s biggest festivals, its dancers never stopped practicing their steps.
Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima release
Japan has told its citizens living in China to keep a low profile, including talking quietly in public, after Beijing blasted Tokyo for releasing treated radioactive water from a wrecked nuclear…

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Pokemon game that’s all about sleep hits 10 million downloads
Pokemon Go made billions of dollars getting people to roam the great outdoors. Now the company is trying to get people to go to bed.
Taiwan says Chinese combat drone flew along island’s east coast
Taiwan’s Defense Ministry also said the Chinese aircraft included J-10 and Su-30 fighter jets, as well as anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft.
Confident Jose Osuna says Swallows just have to keep fighting
Jose Osuna still has faith in the Swallows despite the team’s underwhelming performance this season.
Guy Perryman: ‘Sound and rhythm are ingrained in our DNA’
Radio personality Guy Perryman says around 99% of his audience consists of Japanese people who want to listen to English content.
China says salt supply ample as Fukushima prompts panic buying
The nation can produce 50 million tons of salt that is used in food each year, much higher than annual consumption of around 12 million tons.
Japan-made novelties with deeper purpose
The easiest way to understand Japanese cultural concepts might be through these smartly designed products.
Bigger isn’t necessarily better for the future of BRICS
Shared grievances may bind them, but they are not enough to fuel concerted action to challenge the dominace of the West.
America’s ‘new’ China narrative: A wounded dragon
The new China narrative is really about the West, its lead in technologies, the free-market, wielding power and keeping all challengers at bay.
Tokyo aiming to eliminate areas congested with wooden houses
As of 2020, Tokyo had some 8,600 hectares of such areas that are expected to suffer particularly severe damage in the event of a large quake.

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