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Undercover With the New Alt-Right

August 25, 2023
“Going to a Proud Boys riot with a neo-Nazi is not something I ever expected to do,” writes Amanda Moore.

For our latest issue, the writer and MAGA researcher spent 11 months pretending to be a far-right extremist. Moore, convinced that “the threat to the country was misunderstood by much of the press and far more dangerous than what was being reported,” set out on an investigation with a microphone hidden between her breasts. What she found was perhaps even more unnerving and unsettling than what she expected—“a radical youth movement trying to take over the GOP.”

Undercover With the New Alt-Right
For 11 months, I pretended to be a far-right extremist. I discovered a radical youth movement trying to infiltrate the Republican Party.
Amanda Moore
The Great Salt Lake Is Becoming Too Salty to Support Life
From brine flies to brine shrimp to eared grebes to pronghorn and buffalo, the lake supports an exquisite ecosystem whose collapse is literally making people sick.
Katharine S. Walter
A Soccer Triumph—Despite the Toxic Men
The leaders of Spain’s soccer world possess “sexism matched only by their greed.”
Dave Zirin
What Was Digital Media?
Ben Smith’s Traffic charts the boom and bust of a new age of online journalism.
Kevin Lozano
Trans Sports Bans Have Reached Peak Stupidity
Now chess, of all things, is banning trans women. Really!
Frankie de la Cretaz
Drew Faust Remembers the Sixties, plus Erwin Chemerinsky on Trump and Georgia
On this episode of Start Making Sense, Harvard’s first woman president describes growing up in the Virginia elite, and the dean of UC Berkeley
Jon Wiener
Delegitimize the Supreme Court
On the final episode of Contempt of Court, Elie Mystal is joined by legal experts Nikolas Bowie and Rhiannon Hamam to understand how we might strip the court of its presumed legitimacy.
Elie Mystal
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