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The Cult of Antinous: An Overview of the Life and Death and Afterlife

Antinous died around 130 AD, at about the age of 18. Born in Bithynia, one of the Eastern Provinces, he had been, from about the age of eleven, the lover of the Emperor Hadrian. The Emperor was so saddened by his death that he had the boy declared a god, and a regular worship was instituted that continued until the extinction of Paganism at the end of the fourth century.

Delivered in June 2023, this lecture covers the following subjects: · Introduction – 00:00:00 · What were Ancient views of all-male sex? – 00:17:31 · Who was Antinous? – 00:32:44 · How did he die? – 00:37:38 · The Cult of Antinous – 00:42:20 · Why did it persist so long? – 01:03:23 · Antinous and Christianity – 01:28:36 · How was he seen in later ages? – 01:48:57 · Conclusion – 01:57:16

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