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Prigozhin’s presumed death may create new problems for Putin

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Tritium level near Fukushima plant well below Tepco standards
The plant operator said the level in the Pacific Ocean was below about 10 becquerels per liter in all 10 locations it surveyed.
Will Ohtani’s injury pick his pocket in free agency?
Baseball’s history-making two-way player, has a torn ulnar collateral ligament
China braces for wider youth unemployment problems
Last week, Beijing decided to halt the release of urban youth unemployment data, which has been soaring in recent years.
Japan set to shoot for the moon after Russia and India missions
Success could provide the thrust JAXA badly needs to begin rebuilding its battered reputation after a series of costly setbacks over the past year.
Sapporo hotel murder suspects to face psychiatric tests
Runa Tamura, 29, and her parents, will be detained for six months from Monday through Feb. 28 for tests.

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Trump booked at Georgia jail on election charges
Authorities said they took Trump’s mug shot at Fulton County Jail — a first for the former U.S. president.
Prigozhin’s presumed death may create new problems for Putin
A full investigation of the cause of the crash is unlikely to shake the belief that he was killed as an act of vengeance for staging a mutiny.
BRICS expansion to boost bloc’s clout, but political rifts remain
While expanding may be a step toward challenging the G7, experts have mixed views over whether the BRICS summit was a success.
A tiny factory is handcrafting mics for Justin Bieber and Dr. Dre
Sony Taiyo, a Sony Group subsidiary, is designed to give people with disabilities a fair chance in the workplace.
This moss survived millions of years. Warming is killing it
Takakia lepidozioides, found mainly in the U.S., Japan and Tibet, has survived for 165 million years. Now it’s disappearing due to climate change.
One night out in Tokyo
As the last trains leave the central hubs of Shinjuku and Shibuya for the suburbs, much of the city heads home. However, Tokyo never sleeps.
Let’s get clinical: Navigating a trip to a Japanese hospital
You don’t need to be stressed out about your linguistic ability when you check into a Japanese hospital, so brush up on some terms beforehand.
Summer Sonic closes out the season with one hot party
Asian artists NewJeans, Gen Hoshino, Awich and Babymetal drew impressive crowds at the summer festival despite the overbearing heat.
The key to greening heavy industry
If the world’s vast ocean resources can be tapped directly to produce hydrogen, there will be no holding back the green transition.

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