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8/22/23: Biden Heckled In Hawaii, DeSantis Debate Plan, Vivek Accuses Newsmax Of Pay To Play, Wall Street Scoops Up Commercial Real Estate, BRICS Plan For Dedollarization, Screen Time Impact On Kids, Mr Beast Solves World Peace, And Author Speaks Out On Corporate Tyranny

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden arriving in Hawaii after the Maui fires, DeSantis reveals debate strategy, Vivek accuses Newsmax of pay to play, vulture capitalists scoop up commercial real estate, China pushes BRICS to supplant US dollar, study shows screen time damaging young kids, Mr Beast world olympics video sparks controversy, and Sohrab Ahmari joins to discuss his new book on corporate tyrannical power.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:29)Biden Heckled In Hawaii (9:13)DeSantis Debate Plan Revealed (24:07)Newsmax Accused Of Pay To Play (31:02)Wall Street Moves On Commercial Real Estate (40:56)China Pushes BRICS To Supplant US Dollar (53:19)Screen Time Damaging Child Development (1:01:53)Mr Beast Solves World Peace (1:08:48)Sohrab Ahmari On Corporate Tyranny (1:34:02)End Of Show Sohrab Ahmari Book:…

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