Japan, South Korea, U.S. hail ties, but staying power questioned

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Japan, South Korea, U.S. hail ties, but staying power questioned
While the three nations agreed to bolster ties in an array of areas, inevitable political change could prove to be a stumbling block for trilateral ties.
Kishida visits Fukushima plant before contentious water release
The visit comes before Kishida meets with his ministers Tuesday to discuss when to begin releasing the water.
A Japan research team dares to ask: Can typhoons be controlled?
Researchers in Yokohama are probing whether tropical cyclones can be weakened or diverted, with energy they produce also tapped to generate power.
In Japan, curly hair makes you stand out. This entrepreneur says ’embrace it.’
Nishizawa has become a go-to guide for people in Japan looking to tame and style their natural wavy, curly and coily hair.
Haruki Murakami’s latest has readers and reviewers perplexed
Following the arrival of the renowned author’s first full-length novel in six years, critics and readers have been left scratching their heads.

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Tokyo aiming to eliminate areas congested with wooden houses
As of 2020, Tokyo had some 8,600 hectares of such areas that are expected to suffer particularly severe damage in the event of a large quake.
Four-year outlays on COVID and inflation relief to hit ¥68.5 trillion
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida faces the urgent task of carrying out spending reforms as the world’s third-largest economy recovers from the economic slump.
Half of bus drivers greet each other with gestures, defying rules
The practice of drivers greeting each other while driving was banned by the Tokyo Bus Association in 2003 after a fatal accident involving a pedestrian.
Passe or sparkling, Lambrusco can get you through a Tokyo summer
Fizzy, fruity and tantalizingly affordable, the sparkling red wine from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region is a convivial antidote to the summertime blues.
At Gond, a legendary Indian street food lineage endures
You can tell straight away that Gond has a personality to match its extensive and eclectic menu of dishes from around the subcontinent.
Where have Tokyo’s great Hong Kong restaurants gone?
Cantonese, British and Indian cuisines have all influenced Hong Kong recipes, flavor profiles and favored ingredients over the centuries.
Taiwan details China drills as VP says election not China’s to call
Taiwan’s election next year is a choice between democracy and autocracy, Vice President Lai Ching-te said following the military exercises.
Think you could survive in prehistoric Japan? This Kyushu park lets you try.
The Yoshinogari Historical Park, which preserves ruins across the sprawling site in Saga Prefecture, lets visitors get a feel for local history from 500 B.C. to 300 A.D.
Mount Fuji trail use to be restricted when overcrowded
The Yoshida Trail, located on the Yamanashi Prefecture side of the mountain, will become subject to limits from the 5th station.

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