Japan, South Korea and U.S. inaugurate a ‘new era’ of cooperation

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Japan, South Korea and U.S. inaugurate a ‘new era’ of cooperation
The three countries’ leaders also announced a plan to create a hotline for coordinating responses to regional challenges and threats.
Japan firms cut teleworking despite strong demand, survey shows
The ratio of workers using the telework system in Japan dropped to 22.2%, the lowest level since the coronavirus outbreak hit the country.
10 students injured as soccer team bus overturns in Kagoshima
The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, according to police and other sources.
Decision on when to release Fukushima water could come Tuesday
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will meet with his ministers Tuesday to discuss when to release the treated radioactive water stored at the nuclear plant.
Japan, U.S. and Australia eye ship deployment to Philippines for drill
The planned exercise set for Wednesday comes amid mounting tensions between China and the Philippines.

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While mermaiding is still a niche activity in Japan, it is possible to slip on a tail and dive in.
Satoshi Yagisawa’s novel has all the charm of a Jimbocho bookshop
“Days at the Morisaki Bookshop’ is a heartwarming coming-of-age tale that will delight fans of Japanese literature.
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In Mitsuhiro Mihara’s touching drama, Tatsuya Fuji adds layered nuance that sets his tofu-making protagonist apart from the typical cinematic elder.
‘Skiplagging’ flights could land you big deals or a lifetime ban
Known as ‘skiplagging,’ this travel hack sees consumers buy a ticket for a connecting flight with a layover in the city that’s the real destination.
Japan eyes expanding tax breaks for firms raising wages
The industry ministry will include plans to expand the program in its tax system reform proposal for fiscal 2024, which starts next April.
Exploring the eerie beauty of Japan’s abandoned villages
Depopulation and an aging society have turned parts of the countryside into tourist attractions for those eager to explore a forgotten era.
Troop deaths and injuries in Ukraine war near 500,000
Ukraine and Russia have lost a staggering number of troops as Kyiv’s counteroffensive drags on. A lack of rapid medical care has added to the toll.
China launches drills near Taiwan in response to VP’s U.S. trip
The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command said it was carrying out joint naval and air combat readiness patrols around the island.
Recipe: Deep-fried chickpea tofu with ‘devil’s dung’
Unlike soy tofu, where proteins are coagulated from soy milk, Shan tofu uses heat-set starch with ochre-hued chickpea flour.

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