Southeast Asia uses great power competition to dodge failures

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Kishida may call snap election to halt rise of rival Nippon Ishin
The prime minister, however, must first regain his standing in the polls to a level where he will feel more confident about holding an election.
Japan logs first export decline in over two years
The value of exports fell in July from a year earlier, retreating for the first time since February 2021.
U.S., Japan, South Korea to announce new hotline at summit
The three countries’ leaders will to agree on a “very ambitious set of initiatives that seek to lock in trilateral engagement,” a top U.S. official said.
Japan F-35 fighters to fly to Australia in first deployment abroad
Four F-35As, supported by an aerial tanker and transport aircraft, will take part in a long-range navigation and refueling exercise starting next Monday.
Shinkansen lines resume, but travelers may still face long delays
Central Japan Railway is urging people to refrain from using the train service until stations become less crowded.

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As U.S. envoy to Japan, Rahm Emanuel puts China in cross-hairs
The U.S. ambassador also heaped praise on Tokyo’s new muscular approach to defense.
More Japan firms link CEO remuneration to long-term performance
Japanese firms have historically relied more on fixed remuneration not linked to business performance.
Japan automakers race to catch up with global EV competitors
There is a sense of crisis over a possible decline of Japan’s auto industry if U.S., European and Chinese automakers continue to dominate the EV market.
Thailand to hold PM vote next week as new bloc eyes power
The announcement of the new schedule came after the court last month denied pro-democracy leader Pita Limjaroenrat a second shot at the job.
Fires and heat block Biden from taking victory lap for climate law
It’s not the first time circumstances beyond Biden’s control have undone his efforts to revel in a victory.
Musk accused of favoring Trump in battle with DOJ over tweets
The special counsel’s office argued that Twitter was asking for ‘special’ treatment for Trump that wouldn’t be available to other users.
Japan has a misery-loves-company problem
The backlash to government officials’ lighthearted moment is a prime example of how to undermine workers.
Southeast Asia uses great power competition to dodge failures
The U.S. needs to rethink its approach toward Southeast Asia, counter China’s narrative, and engage in effective public diplomacy.
‘Ooku: The Inner Chambers’: Alternative history explores gender norms
The Netflix anime tells a complex love story in an alternate-reality Edo Japan in which an illness upends gender roles.

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