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8/17/23: Biden Shamed Into Hawaii Visit, Fox News Disarray As Trump Beats DeSantis, Chinese Economy Plummeting, Passport Delays Nightmare Travel, Cops Rebuked In Kansas Raid, Youtube’s New Medical Censorship, Homelessness Surges

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden shamed into a Hawaii visit as death toll rises, Hawaiians call out real estate vultures for preying on burned lands, Fox News reveals its new “power rankings” of the GOP candidates, Was Peter Zeihan Right? As Chinese Economy goes down, extreme Passport delays screw millions of travelers, Kansas cops rebuked by Prosecutor into returning newspaper equipment from insane raid, Saagar looks into YouTube’s new medical censorship regime, and Krystal looks into Homelessness surging after Safety Net ripped away.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (02:49)Biden SHAMED Into Hawaii Visit As Death Toll Rises (11:09)Hawaiians CALL OUT Real Estate Vultures For Preying On Burned Land (18:46)Fox News In DISARRAY Over Trump Beating DeSantis (30:24)Peter Zeihan Right? Chinese Economy GOING DOWN (41:22)EXTREME Passport Delays Screw Millions Of Travelers (49:52)Cops REBUKED In Insane Kansas Paper Raid (54:16)Saagar On Youtube’s New Medical Censorship Regime EXPOSED (1:00:56)Krystal On Homelessness SURGES After Safety Net Ripped Away (1:11:01) EoS

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