8/15/23: Maui Death Toll Rises To 96, Hunter Special Counsel A Cover Up?, Increasing Suicide Deaths, Bill Maher Spars w/ Marianne Williamson, Kentucky AI Bus Disaster, New Ukraine Aid

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Maui wildfire disaster death count up to 96 people as searchers for missing continue, Maui residents worry that their rebuilt town will favor the wealthy, is the Hunter Biden special counsel a cover up?, an increasing number of Suicide deaths per year, Bill Maher argues with Marianne Williamson on the state of society collapse, Krystal looks into how Kentucky created new bus routes with AI that left kids in danger, and Saagar looks into Biden asking Congress for 25 billion in new Ukraine money.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (01:54)Biden Plans VACATION, IGNORES Maui Fires (15:33)Is Hunter Biden Special Counsel A COVERUP? (23:24)Suicides SPIKE To All Time High Amid Alienated America (32:31)Marianne CALLS OUT Bill Maher For Living In Rich Bubble (42:20)Krystal On AI Bus Routes TRAUMATIZE Ky School Kids (49:35)Saagar On Biden CAUGHT Hiding 25 BILLION MORE For Ukraine (1:03:19) EoS

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