Maui fire death toll, at 89, is highest in U.S. in a century

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Western, central Japan brace as Typhoon Lan readies to possibly make landfall Tuesday
Typhoon Lan is expected to make landfall Tuesday in parts of Japan, with warnings of heavy rain and flooding during the annual Bon summer holidays.
China tells Japan blanket seafood testing meant to protect consumers
The testing is believed to have been adopted to pressure Tokyo over its plan to release treated radioactive water from the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant.
Legislation on assisted reproductive technology delayed in Japan
Currently in Japan, the right of children born through fertility treatment to know their biological parents is not guaranteed
Japan Wind Development chief likely to admit bribing lawmaker Akimoto
It was newly found that Akimoto received ¥30 million, separately from the suspected bribe, from around 2019 for applying to the Japan Racing Association.
Over 80% of Japan firms forecast economic growth as COVID-19 curbs removed
The survey results show optimism over Japans economy even as firms grapple with rising material costs, with 94% of those forecasting an expansion

Split education system needs a shake-up, president warns

An aging population, lack of digitalization and narrow fields of study pose threat to Japan’s global competitiveness, Waseda University warns.

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Annette O’Malley helped forge connection between Dodgers and Japan
She traveled with her husband, former Dodgers president Peter OMalley, to help grow the game internationally, including making over 25 visits to Japan.
China’s Foreign Ministry condemns Taiwan VP’s U.S. stopovers
Lai Ching-te’s stopovers in New York and California are scheduled to take place on his way to and from Paraguay for the inauguration of its new president.
Yuto Horigome thrills in Street League Skateboarding’s Japan debut
The raucous crowd at Ariake Arena starkly contrasted with the empty skate park nearby where the 24-year-old captured his Olympic gold medal two years ago.
U.S., Japan set to announce pact on missile interceptors, report says
The U.S. and Japan earlier this year said they plan to strengthen defense cooperation on growing concern about the challenges posed by China and Russia.
Struggling Niigata sake sees ‘a future in Japan’s past’
New challenges are forcing Niigata’s brewers to adapt their ancient craft to changing times, a balancing act that is often easier said than done.
Maui fire death toll, at 89, is highest in U.S. in a century
Maui death toll is likely to rise in the coming days as only 3% of areas burned Tuesday had been searched by canine teams.
Futoshi Ikeda wants youngsters to grow as Nadeshiko heads home
The emergence of a crop of talented youngsters has reinvigorated a Nadeshiko side set to benefit from greater stability over the next four years.
Japanese duo secure sport climbing bronzes, Olympic berths
Tomoa Narasaki and Ai Mori will represent Japan in the urban sports second Summer Games appearance.
Recipe: Deep-fried chickpea tofu with ‘devil’s dung’
Unlike soy tofu, where proteins are coagulated from soy milk, Shan tofu uses heat-set starch with ochre-hued chickpea flour.

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