Japan urges Iran not to provide Russia with weapons for invasion

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Tropical Storm Khanun heads west as second storm forms in Pacific
Flights have been cancelled and households advised to evacuate as Khanun, packing heavy rain and strong winds, travels westward from Okinawa.
Taiwan situation ‘tilting toward emergency,’ former Japan PM says
Taro Aso said this shift was “definitely not out of the blue” but was now “more evident,” pointing to military exercises by China around Taiwan.
Mori Building to open Azabudai Hills complex in Tokyo in November
The company hopes the project will boost the capital’s competitive edge over metropolises overseas.
Nuke ban treaty still out of reach as Japan marks atomic bombings
Japan, which is positioned under the nuclear umbrella of the U.S., has refrained from joining the treaty, citing its own “tough security environment.”
China hacked sensitive Japanese defense networks, report says
Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said Tuesday that Tokyo has not confirmed that top secret information was leaked.

Holistic education to foster an international identity

Kwansei Gakuin University’s international identity is reinforced through its focus on hard sciences and technology, while retaining its liberal arts roots.

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Japan urges Iran not to provide Russia with weapons for invasion
During a meeting with his Iranian counterpart in Tokyo, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi called on Iran to take constructive responses to the war.
Half-year current account surplus up 11% as trade deficit shrinks
Surging import costs for energy, raw materials and other goods have left Japan deep in the red, despite a recovery in exports.
West African leaders to meet on Niger after junta defies deadline
The European Union and United States have welcomed the move, saying it allows more time for mediation.
North Korean hackers breached top Russian missile-maker
Experts say the incident shows how the isolated country will even target its allies in a bid to acquire critical technologies.
Hong Kong government to appeal in failed bid to ban protest song
Reiterating that disseminating the song was a national security crime, the government said its injunction was crucial to safeguarding the city.
Nao Hibino wins singles and doubles titles at Prague Open
The 28-year-old rose from 136th to 84th in the world rankings following the tournament.
Japan’s young civil servants are growing disillusioned
Big companies remain the most popular career option, attracting 34% of those who change jobs.
Is America’s soft power eroding?
San Fransisco has changed from a hub of hippie culture and freedom in the 1960s and 70s, suggesting Americas soft power is abating.
Yu Miri’s new book is a bleak, dizzying epic in colonized Korea
In “The End of August,” the Akutagawa Prize-winning author excavates her own family history and traces multiple generations living under Japanese rule.

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