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U.S. prosecutors ask for protective order, citing threatening Trump post

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A Japanese startup is using biotech to ‘brew’ greener fashion
Fashion has a massive environmental impact, and Yamagata-based Spiber thinks its products can help curb the industrys footprint.
China is losing out as global funds chase returns in Japan stocks
Foreign buying of Japanese equities has exceeded that of Chinese peers for the first time since 2017, according to a Goldman Sachs Group report.
Fukushima mothers take on radioactivity watchdog role
Comprising 13 members, a nonprofit is taking measurements from fish and seawater, driven by serious concerns over the upcoming discharge of radioactive water.
Scandal-tainted Japanese lawmaker sought money to buy horse
Japanese lawmaker Masatoshi Akimoto is suspected of receiving ¥30 million from the president of a company between 2021 and this year.

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Services resume after over 1,000 trapped in train near Tokyo
The accident occurred between Fujisawa and Ofuna stations in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo and affected around 150,000 people.
Police say cannabis use is rising among youth
Citing lower prices and easier access, nearly a third of offenders under 30 that were surveyed said they purchased through the internet.
‘Happy mothers’: South Korea couple beat same-sex barriers to parenthood
To fight its abysmal birthrate, Seoul offers fertility treatments, cash bonuses and free child care, but only for straight, married couples.
‘Era of mass closures’: The Japanese firms with no successors
A 2019 government report estimated that about 1.27 million small business owners would be 70 or older by 2025 and have no successors.
Carter Stewart earns second NPB win as Hawks outgun Fighters
The Florida native is the first marquee American amateur to start his pro career in Japan.
U.S. prosecutors ask for protective order, citing threatening Trump post
Despite a history of online bullying, Trump’s campaign issued a statement insisting that he was practicing his First Amendment rights.
Japan’s enduring ‘sound of summer’
Composer Yuji Koseki probably did not imagine that his career would become intertwined with Japan’s most popular sporting event.
Is Japan’s economic past China’s future?
China is facing a long period of low growth similar to Japan’s experience since the 1990s.
Survey finds historically high negative views of China
In the survey, only about 28% of respondents had a favorable opinion of China despite Beijing’s diplomatic initiatives over the past year.

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