Japan’s vision of nuke-free world in focus ahead of anniversaries

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Japan’s vision of nuke-free world in focus ahead of anniversaries
The tension between Tokyos loft goals and realpolitik necessities has made any move toward nuclear disarmament largely elusive.
Hayao Miyazaki’s confusing new masterpiece
Our critics Thu-Huong Ha and Matt Schley discuss what they thought of the new Hayao Miyazaki film, “The Boy and the Heron.”
EU, Norway, Iceland lift post-Fukushima curbs on Japanese food
The EU, Norway and Iceland lifted import restrictions they imposed on food products from parts of Japan after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.
Japan plans to insure construction firms against Osaka expo losses
Doubts remain over whether the move will be enough to push more than 50 countries to design, build and complete their pavilions before the expo opens.
Raising the stakes: Japan may sell shares to fund defense spending
Selling government stakes in some of Japans biggest firms wont be straightforward, given the need for consensus and changes to laws.

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Typhoon Khanun kills two in Okinawa, injures at least 62
Roughly 25% of Okinawa Prefecture — around 166,000 households — had lost electricity as of Thursday morning
Tokyo-Canberra ties key to Indo-Pacific’s future: Australian envoy
We’ve never been more important to each other, says Justin Hayhurst, Australia’s new Ambassador to Japan.
Global grain prices rise after Russian strike on Danube port
The drone attacks destroyed buildings in the port of Izmail and halted ships in defiance of a de-facto blockade Russia reimposed in mid-July.
Japanese nationals successfully evacuated from coup-hit Niger
Eight Japanese have been successfully transported from the western African state in addition to two who had already fled to Paris.
U.S. raises concerns over China’s counter-espionage push
Washington worries that foreign companies in China could be punished for regular business activities.
‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’: Zombie comedy has no bite
Netflix’s adaptation of the manga series about a salaryman making the most out of a zombie apocalypse is like scrolling through a mediocre Instagram feed.
Ohtani earns second consecutive AL Player of the Month honor
Ohtani won the monthly award for the fourth time in his career, having also been picked in June and July 2021.
Jamie Joseph demands focus as Japan face Fiji in World Cup warm-up
Joseph made four changes to the team that beat Tonga 21-16 last week as Japan continues its World Cup preparations.
China’s weaponization of race and history
BRICS nations seek a more equitable global architecture that represents the interests of the Global South as China uses race to challenge the West.

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