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8/3/23: Trump In Court Today As Co Conspirators Revealed, US Debt Downgraded, Obama Warns Biden Could Lose, Ukraine CounterOffensive Failing, Tucker Stuns With Hunter Business Partner, LK99 Superconductor, Yellow Trucking Company Collapse, Panel On Trump Indictment

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump in court today as nightmare election kick off, Trump’s co conspirators revealed, Biden freaks as US Debt Downgraded, Obama warns Biden could lose to Trump, MSNBC wonders when Biden’s Black Voters will “fall in line”, NYT admits Ukraine Counteroffensive failing, Tucker stuns with Hunter Business partner revelations, Saagar looks into the LK99 Superconductor as a potentially world changing tech, Krystal looks into Yellow Trucking company failing after corrupt bailouts, and we’re joined for a Debate Panel on the latest Trump Indictment charges and if they’re “BS or Legit” with Bradley Moss (@BradMossEsq) and Benjamin Weingarten (@bhweingarten).

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (03:09)Trump In Court TODAY As NIGHTMARE Election Kicks Off (15:49)Trump Co-Conpirators REVEALED (22:26)Biden FREAKS As US Debt DOWNGRADED (33:22)Obama WARNS Biden Could LOSE To Trump (42:16)MSNBC: When Will Black Voters FALL IN LINE (53:10)NYT Admits Ukraine Counteroffensive FAILING (1:03:33)Tucker Stuns With Hunter Business Partner Revelations (1:10:23)Will LK99 Superconductor CHANGE THE WORLD? (1:18:13)Major Trucking Co FAILS After Corrupt Bailout (1:25:48)DEBATE: Are Trump Charges BS Or Legit? (1:49:35)EOS

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