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NYPD Pays Out $13.7 MILLION to BLM Rioters for Allegedly Violating Their Rights

Jul 27, 2023


On July 19, 2023,  New York City settled a class-action lawsuit filed at the Federal District Court in Manhattan. The lawsuit was filed by George Floyd rioters, which ended up awarding them $13.7 million in damages.

The plaintiffs claimed that New York Police Department members had “violated” their rights through the use of “unlawful” tactics. Per the New York Times, the terms of the settlement spelled out how the city would pay roughly $10,000 to each of the 1,380 people who were “arrested and/or subjected to force by NYPD officers” throughout the 2020 riots that rocked Manhattan and Brooklyn.

While several rioters involved in the class action lawsuit had been arrested, many were let off scot free, and simply asserted that their First Amendment rights were violated. During an interview with Business Insider, Elena Cohen, the chief attorney for the plaintiffs, stated that the lawsuit’s goal was to supposedly protect individual liberties.

“This is about people in New York City being able to protest, being able to be in the streets, being able to say what they think about the government,” she stated, “and to do it without being afraid that they’re going to be physically hurt.”

Lawyers for the city contended that the protests were usually not peaceful, calling attention to how some of the protests “devolved to looting and rioting.” “Protesters set police cars ablaze; vandalized precinct houses; threw rocks, bricks, bottles at officers; stabbed, punched, bit officers; and hurled Molotov cocktails at officers,” they continued.

Regardless, the BLM marauders received a $13.7 reward for causing mayhem and disruption. Yup, that’s how things go in Clown World USA. Such occurrences are to be expected in leftist jurisdictions, where anarcho-tyranny reigns supreme.

In any rational society, violent rioters and looters would be punished to the fullest extent of the law. They would not be allowed to be back out on the streets to terrorize lawful individuals. However, many major cities nationwide have turned into de facto Gothams where criminality is allowed to run rampant while the law-abiding live in constant fear for their lives.

For many Americans, such scenarios would almost be unheard of. In previous decades, Americans could live in peace and tranquility, knowing that their streets would be kept safe by law enforcement. Now, this author is no blind supporter of the police. Often times, police departments are rife with corruption and they will serve as an enforcement arm of the corrupt political class.

On top of that, the police are not obligated to protect the public as determined in multiple Supreme Court rulings. For that reason, many should remain skeptical of law enforcement. However, one need not take the leftist position on law enforcement. What the Left wants is an anarcho-tyrannical state where criminals run free and innocent individuals are persecuted by the state. This will eventually morph into a degenerative form of leftist tyranny where right-wing individuals, organizations, and their fellow travelers will be systematically persecuted by the cultural Left.

The only way to avoid such a fate is through constant vigilance at all levels of government. If we can’t clean up and secure our own political backyards, our enemies will turn us into proverbial mince meat in no time.


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