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7/25/23: Bidens Aides Desperate To Hide Aging, Ohio Overwhelmingly Backs Pro-Choice, Americans Reject Biden Cluster Bombs, Dorsey Trashes Worldcoin Surveillance, Pinkydoll Tik Tok Phenomenon, Disney Fires DEI, Affirmative Action For The Rich

ATTENTION: DUE TO CANDIDATE INTERVIEWS SAAGAR’S MONOLOGUE WAS PUSHED AND WILL BE SENT OUT LATER TODAY. Krystal and Saagar discuss the Biden administration desperate to hide the president’s aging, Ohio overwhelmingly backs pro-choice amendment, Americans reject Biden sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine, Jack Dorsey trashes dystopian crypto “World Coin” surveillance, the PinkyDoll viral Tik Tok Phenomenon explained, Saagar looks into Disney and Netflix firing diversity bureaucrats, and Krystal looks into Affirmative Action for the Rich in College Admissions.

Timestamps: 00:00-Intro 2:43-Biden Aides DESPERATE To Hide Aging 20:16-Ohio OVERWHELMINGLY Backs Pro-Choice Amendment 30:36-Americans REJECT Biden Cluster Bombs To Ukraine 42:42-Jack Dorsey TRASHES Dystopian ‘Worldcoin’ Surveillance 51:09-EXPLAINED: Pinkydoll TikTok Phenomenon Explained 58:47-Affirmative Action FOR THE RICH: Outrageous Bias Revealed 1:10:49-EOS

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