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I Was Detained By Israeli Soldiers for Reporting on Settler Violence

Nation Weekly
July 21, 2023
“Instead of lead,” Urban Alchemy says on its website, “we seek to transmute human suffering. Instead of gold, we create peace.”

Urban Alchemy describes itself as a job-creation program for formerly incarcerated people, but when examined more deeply, the nonprofit organization based in the poverty-stricken city of San Francisco seems to be policing public space, stealing wages, and using homelessness to churn a profit. For our latest issue, reporters Paige Oamek and Rohan Montgomery investigate the organization and reveal it for what it really is.

How Urban Alchemy Turns Homelessness Into Gold
Cities are pouring money into the nonprofit to manage encampments and patrol the streets where unhoused residents congregate. Not everyone is happy about it.
Paige Oamek, Rohan Montgomery
The Problem of the Orphan Plot
The child welfare system has served as a convenient narrative device for novels, podcasts, and the like. A new book interrogates what we think we know about foster care.
Emi Nietfeld
I Was Detained By Israeli Soldiers for Reporting on Settler Violence
They blindfolded and detained me after I refused to turn over my recording of a settler attack on the West Bank.
Basel Adra
Hollywood’s Robot Overlords
The tech-driven takeover of the film industry aims at squeezing maximum profit out of art, draining it of all its humanity in the process.
Sasha Abramsky
Martha Graham’s Movement
A recent biography dives into the choreographer’s role as both an artist and figure of early American modernism.
Emily Hawk
You’re Wrong About Term Limits
On this episode of Contempt of Court, Leah Litman and Aaron Belkin join the podcast to discuss what’s wrong with everybody’s favorite reform option.
Elie Mystal
The War on Black Studies, plus Hollywood on Strike
On this episode of the Start Making Sense Podcast, Robin Kelley talks about Rick DeSantis, and Josh Gondelman comments on SAG and the WGA
Jon Wiener

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