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Distaste for ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Nutjob’ RFK Jr. Is Growing, Trump Shares Ominous Clip Threatening Revenge, Sen. Murkowski: ‘I’d Go With Manchin’

Voters’ distaste for ‘dangerous,’ ‘nutjob’ RFK Jr. is growing

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s 2024 White House bid was always a long shot. But the more voters get to know the anti-vax conspiracy theorist, the less they like him,

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RFK Jr. hearing puts censorship, misinformation fights at center stage

Kennedy’s extensive history of sharing anti-vaccine views online was the center of Thursday’s debate over how social media companies moderate content.

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‘If You F— Around With Us’: Trump Shares Ominous Clip Of Him Threatening Revenge

Trump shared the clip without context, but on Tuesday Trump made similar comments regarding Special Counsel Jack Smith.

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Republican Senator Refuses to Choose Between Trump and Biden In a Rematch: ‘I’d Go With Manchin’

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) told PBS’s Margaret Hoover on Thursday that she would cross party lines and vote for Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) – if he ran as a third party candidate

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Grassley releases internal FBI document about unverified Biden bribery allegations

Grassley said Thursday he was able to release the document himself because of “legally protected disclosures by Justice Department whistleblowers,” though his move still drew a strong public rebuke from the FBI.

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CNN Anchor Calls Out GOP Lawmaker for Lying to Her Face on Hunter Biden Probe

“No, he didn’t,” Keilar bluntly said on Thursday in response to the “false claim” that David Weiss repeatedly “corrected” himself to Congress.

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The future of Nancy Pelosi

Her retirement, and the jockeying it would set off could reshape California and Bay Area politics, likely creating open races for state Senate, Assembly and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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A Collision in Court: Trump Grand Jury Proceedings Delay a Jan. 6 Verdict

A defense lawyer was late. A judge grew irked. Prosecutors were hauled out of a grand jury. It was an example of the complexities stemming from the multiple proceedings involving Donald Trump.

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U.S. says Russia is laying the groundwork to attack civilian ships and blame Ukraine

The National Security Council declassified information about what it called an attempted “false flag operation” by Russia as global food supply is threatened.

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Missouri Supreme Court orders the GOP attorney general to stand down in fight over abortion costs

Judges found that Bailey’s stonewalling meant plaintiff Anna Fitz-James, who was represented by the ACLU of Missouri, lost out on nearly 100 days she could have been collecting signatures.

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Wheat prices rise in US after Russia pulls out of Ukraine grain deal

Wheat commodity futures have risen about 12 percent since Russia announced it would suspend the Black Sea Grain Initiative,

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That Racist MAGA Truck Guy Turns Out to Be an Immigrant Himself

The Trump fan accused of waging a racist and xenophobic intimidation campaign against neighbors and local residents–is himself an immigrant.

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Protesters storm Swedish embassy in Iraq over Quran burning plan

Videos posted on social media showed a large number of protesters inside the Swedish embassy’s perimeter as well as black smoke and fire coming from the building.

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She’s on a Mission From God: Suing Big Oil for Climate Damages

A lawyer started small with a creative tactic. It grew into an effort that could force fossil fuel companies to pay hundreds of billions in damages.

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Investigators looking into whether any of the Gilgo Beach murder victims may have been killed at home suspect shared with his family

Rex Heuermann may have killed at least one young woman at the Long Island house he shares with his wife and two adult children,

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