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The Libertarian Party’s Racist Tweet, Is the Sheer Stupidity of Republican Politics Breaking Through? MTG Shares Racy Hunter Biden Photos With Congress

Libertarian Party Twitter Account Tells Black Former Lawmaker, ‘You Should Pick Crops…’

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire received backlash on Wednesday after it told former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner to “pick crops for free.”

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Is the Sheer Stupidity of Republican Politics Breaking Through?

From Hunter Biden to trans people and Barbie, Republicans are hell-bent on becoming “monomaniacally anti-woke culture warriors,” as one Democratic lawmaker put it.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Inflicts Hunter Biden Photos on Congress

MAGA congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once again caused chaos at a House hearing—this time by waving around images of the president’s son.

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AOC Takes Veiled Shot At Matt Gaetz Trafficking Probe After MTG Shows Pictures of Hunter Biden With ‘Prostitute’

Ultimately, no charges were filed against the Florida congressman.

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Extreme heat indices above 105°F to hit 80 million people in U.S.

The record-breaking heat wave is expected into expand into the Midwest next week.

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Heat has killed at least 18 people in Arizona’s Maricopa County this year

69 more deaths are under investigation. The county is one of the few that has revamped its reporting to ensure heat deaths are accounted for.

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There’s a breed of Republican governor that’s going extinct

Republicans like Chris Sununu once over-performed in blue and purple states. He’s leaving, and there aren’t many more left.

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Potential Trump Charges Include Civil Rights Law Used in Voting Fraud Cases

A target letter sent by the special counsel investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse his election loss cited three statutes that could be the basis for a prosecution.

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Second IRS whistleblower goes public at House Oversight hearing about Hunter Biden probe

One of the two whistleblowers identified himself publicly for the first time at the hearing: Joseph Ziegler, a 13-year IRS special agent with the Criminal Investigation Division.

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Texas’ Harsh New Border Tactics Are Injuring Migrants

A “hold-the-line” operation has created tensions with federal agents who warn it could lead to more drownings. Officers ordered to carry out the measures are raising alarms.

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Christie pokes at DeSantis: ‘We don’t make our country better by continuing to rumormonger things’

The former New Jersey governor responded to his presidential rival’s comment that it’s “possible” the FBI or Justice Department could interfere with the DeSantis campaign.

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Travis King: US soldier in N Korea had been held after fighting in Seoul

Travis King spent time in a detention facility after getting into fights and hitting a police car.

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Police share new details on the reported disappearance of Carlee Russell

Carlee’s search history leading up to her disappearance offers more questions than answers in the investigation

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Wife of suspect in Gilgo Beach killings files for divorce

A lawyer for the woman, Asa Ellerup, said a summons and a complaint had been filed and declined to comment further.

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Three dead in Auckland shooting ahead of Women’s World Cup

Police said the situation had been contained to a single building that was under construction in lower Queen Street, close to a World Cup fan zone that had not opened for the day.

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