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4 Key Takeaways From IRS Whistleblowers’ Insights on Impeded Hunter Biden Probe

4 Key Takeaways From IRS Whistleblowers' Insights on Impeded Hunter Biden Probe
By Fred Lucas
“There were investigative steps that involved President Biden that were not allowed to be taken,” IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley says.
White House Accused of Preparing for Another 'Basement Campaign' by Restricting Press
By Mary Margaret Olohan
A senior GOP aide emphasized to The Daily Signal: “It’s pretty obvious that conservative media outlets are held to different credentialing standards on the Hill.”
‘America's New Slave Trade’ Is Here at Hands of Mexican Cartels, Border Expert Tells Lawmakers
By Virginia Allen
“We have seen a virus of debt bondage across the nation,” says Jaeson Jones, implying that illegal aliens who cannot pay fee to cross border remain subject to the cartels
GOP Senators Rip Democrats' Bill They Say Would  'Destroy' Supreme Court
By Jarrett Stepman
Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., said the Democrats’ bill is “fundamentally, constitutionally flawed, and I think should make every American afraid.”
Jimmy Carter and ‘Biden Malaise’: Is History Repeating Itself?
By Virginia Allen
President Biden has a lot in common with one of his fellow Democratic White House predecessors, according to columnist and author Kimberley Strassel.
Cruz, Paul Speak Out After White House Changes Press Rules Affecting Daily Signal Reporter's Credentials
By Katrina Trinko
“The Biden White House can’t find out who brought in cocaine, but they sure can spot and throw out a conservative member of the press,” tweets Paul.
Massachusetts Parents at Risk of Losing Religious Exemption on Vaccinations of Their Kids
By Virginia Allen
Massachusetts lawmakers are now considering transferring vaccination power from parents to the government.
We Hear You: How Do We Fix the FBI? Is Wokeness Infecting the Military?
By Ken McIntyre
“Right now, no one is being held accountable and removed from office for weaponizing the FBI and the Justice Department,” writes Bill Gray.
ICYMI: Here’s the Real Reason Obama Went Out of His Way to Defend Librarians in a ‘Banned Books’ Letter
By Tyler O’Neil
Obama’s letter rebukes concerned parents who dare to question why school librarians defend sexually explicit books.

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