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More Cats Test Positive for H5N1 “Bird Flu”, Michigan AG Charges 16 Republicans for Trying to Overthrow 2020 Election, Donald Trump Likely To Be Indicted a Third Time

More cats test positive for H5N1 “bird flu” in Poland, including a caracal

A WHO report details the alarming spread of the H5N1 virus in Poland. No source has been identified

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No-Nonsense Michigan AG Charges 16 Republicans for Trying to Overthrow 2020 Election

These are the first charges of their kind in any state.

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Trump Says He’s Target in Special Counsel’s Investigation Into Jan. 6

It would be the second time the special counsel has notified the former president that he is likely to face indictment, this time in connection with the criminal investigation of the Capitol attack.

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Well, Well, Well: Looks Like We Have Enough Votes to Censure George Santos

The New York congressman known for his serial lies is on thin ice.

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Texas troopers told to push back migrants into Rio Grande and ordered not to give water amid soaring temperatures, report says

Emails shared with CNN by the Texas Department of Public Safety detail a trooper-medic expressing concerns to a supervisor over the inhumane treatment of migrants along the border in Eagle Pass, Texas.

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Biden shares video of Marjorie Taylor Greene speech to promote his agenda

The video, posted Tuesday, features Greene’s speech set to uplifting music as she lists Biden’s agenda and legislative achievements and compares him to Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Illegal border crossings dip to lowest level in over 2 years

The Biden administration touted the drop a day before a federal judge is set to hear a challenge to its asylum ban.

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U.S. soldier believed to be in North Korean custody after unauthorized border crossing, officials say

The U.S. service member crossed the border so quickly that South Korean and American soldiers didn’t have time to stop him, according to local media.

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Dems grit their teeth through another awkward Israel dustup — and GOP-forced rebuke

Members of the Squad carefully avoided a flap while boycotting the speech by Israel’s president. Then the Progressive Caucus chief created one.

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Illinois Supreme Court rules in favor of ending the state’s cash bail system

The ruling will allow a law to go into effect that ends bail as a condition of pretrial release. Those considered to be a threat to the public or are likely to flee will be required to stay in jail.

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Super PAC Backing Scott Plans Expensive Ad Campaign

The ads will give Senator Tim Scott a significant boost as he draws attention from rival campaigns in the Republican presidential race.

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GOP to put IRS Hunter Biden whistleblowers at center stage

House Republicans will put their claims of unequal justice for Republicans and Democrats at center stage Wednesday, bringing IRS whistleblowers before the public to blast the government’s investigation into Hunter Biden

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Rep. Lauren Boebert Threw Away A Pin That Honored A Uvalde Victim

The pin was handed out, along with a pamphlet on behalf of Lives Robbed, a group of Uvalde victims’ parents advocating for gun control, to members of Congress to advocate for the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

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State Spying Poses ‘Roadblock’ for Interstate Seekers of Abortion, Transgender Care: Report

“Digital surveillance data makes profiling easy and suggests that travel data will be weaponized to identify new targets for healthcare prosecutions and investigations.”

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Phoenix breaks heat record with 19th day of temperatures at 110F or higher

The previous record of 18 days at that temperature threshold was set in the city in 1974.

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Lobby Against Rep. George Santos (R-NY)

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Stop Governor Abbott’s floating border wall in the Rio Grande

We, the undersigned, oppose Governor Abbott’s plan to install a floating barrier in the Rio Grande to hinder migrants from crossing into Texas. We believe that this plan is misguided and will only make the situation more dangerous and deadly for migrants attempting to cross the border.

Here are our reasons for opposing this plan:

  • The Rio Grande is considered one of the deadliest routes for migrants, and over the years, hundreds of people, including babies and children, have died on the river, mainly from drowning in its turbulent current. Adding a floating barrier will only increase the risk of drowning and other accidents.
  • Immigrant advocates say that many people who attempt to cross the Rio Grande do so because they know of very few options to reach the U.S.. Abbott’s latest stunt will make this situation even more dangerous and deadly.
  • Abbott’s plan is a political stunt that will not solve the underlying issues of immigration and border security. It is not the responsibility of Texas to create its own border patrol agency to regulate the border and prevent immigrants from entering Texas.
  • The federal government has the responsibility to secure the border, and Texas should not take matters into its own hands. Instead of wasting taxpayer money on a floating barrier, Abbott should work with the federal government to find a comprehensive solution to the border crisis.

Therefore, we call on Governor Abbott to abandon his plan to install a floating barrier in the Rio Grande and instead work with the federal government to find a comprehensive solution to the border crisis. We believe that this solution should prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals, including migrants, and respect their human rights.

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Adam Withrow

Potential candidate for CO, US Representative, 2024


I am a normal working stiff from Southern Colorado. I, along with many others in our District, recognize the need for a change in representation in the US House of Representatives away from Lauren Boebert. I also recognize the vast enthusiasm gap between her and the person she defeated in 2022. The honest fact is, the majority of the votes he got, mine included, were votes AGAINST her and not FOR him. Outside of Aspen, the thought of a person from there being truly representative of our region is false at best, and repulsive at worst.

Since my mid twenties, people have been asking me to run for this House seat, some of whom were highly influential business owners, and others were regular working people like myself. This cycle, I have caved in to the pressure. Instead of coming across as though I have the answers to all of our problems or presenting myself as a full-blown partisan zealot, I’d like to practice a little true Democracy as our representative. When major issues come up, I want to contact local experts and stakeholders, and I’d also like to survey the citizens of the district at large for their direct input.

I want to introduce solutions that I believe can balance the federal budget, reduce inequality, better serve our veterans, and work towards global peace and stability. I am willing to answer any questions that anyone may have, and I’m also flexible about certain issues because I believe you have to be to truly represent the people. I do not think the voter should have to choose all of what any party has to say when they choose a candidate for it, and I do not believe the candidate should ask the voter to trust in their opinion without being able to give functional input.

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