In Chinese media, the U.S. is invariably the villain

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Rise in new COVID-19 cases in Japan shows little sign of abating
Experts predict the trend will continue amid high heat, declining population-level immunity and the start of the holiday season.
Carlos Ghosn vows to fight allegations but won’t return to Japan
“Nissan will have to pay for what they did to me and my family,” Ghosn said Tuesday, speaking via video link during a news conference …
U.S. nuclear sub visits South Korea for first time in decades as allies hold key talks
The U.S. said the ballistic missile submarine had arrived after the allies held the inaugural meeting of their Nuclear Consultative Group on Tuesday.
Risk of exploding electric fans highlighted amid severe heat in Japan
There were at least 45 reported cases of electric handheld fans exploding during the five years through 2022.
Heat continues to bake Japan, but some relief is on the way
The government issued heatstroke alerts in 23 of the nation’s 47 prefectures Tuesday, affecting tens of millions of people.
Putin’s pre-election budget set to become more costly after mutiny
Analysts expect changes to go far beyond the price of fortifying positions previously manned by an estimated 50,000 Wagner fighters.

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‘The Boy and the Heron’: It’s so good to be back in Hayao Miyazaki’s world
Studio Ghibli’s latest film takes viewers on one last journey to the familiar world of a master animator who has captivated audiences worldwide for decades.
In Chinese media, the U.S. is invariably the villain
China believes it is laying the foundation for a new global order more respectful and accommodating to other nations, potentially strengthening its position in the …
ChatGPT, Bing, Bard and DeepL: Which one offers the best Japanese-to-English translation?
AI is revolutionizing the world of translation, but which tool reigns supreme? We staged a head-to-head battle between ChatGPT-4, Bing, Bard and DeepL … and …
WE League chair: Japan sees ‘cute’ players, not elite athletes
Momentum behind women’s soccer in Japan has stalled in the years since its 2011 triumph and 2015 runner-up finish, even as global interest in women’s …
Why summer heat is more likely to ground your flight than cold weather
Passengers are learning the hard way this summer that high temperatures can be as disruptive to on-time departures as visibly inclement weather.
Refugee soccer team breaking boundaries with globetrotting tour
Formed just months ago in Utah, Team SheBelongs aims to promote acceptance and change the global conversation surrounding refugees and displaced persons.
Why China is opposed to the release of treated water in Fukushima
Japan’s plan is facing a strong backlash from China, South Korea and other locations in the Pacific. But where are the concerns coming from?

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