Ukraine grain-export deal collapses after Russia terminates it

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Private-sector and government initiatives are seeking to equip young companies with the knowledge and contacts to be successful outside Japan.
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President Yoon Suk-yeol’s comments came after at least 40 people were killed by recent flooding and landslides during monsoon rains.
Japan and Saudi Arabia push forward on decarbonization tech tie-up
Japan is seeking to guarantee its supply of oil remains stable, while Saudi Arabia is banking on investments in advanced Japanese technology to build a …
Blasts on Crimea Bridge kill two, threaten Russian war supply lines
Images from the scene showed no traffic crossing the 19 kilometer road and rail bridge which links Russia to Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine …
Ukraine grain-export deal collapses after Russia terminates it
The move jeopardizes a key trade route from Ukraine, one of the world’s top grain and vegetable oil shippers, just as its next harvest kicks …

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