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7/17/23: Ukraine Bombs Crimean Bridge, DeSantis Sheds Staff Amid Money Troubles, Winners and Losers GOP Fundraising, Tucker Carlson Rips Mike Pence, Historic Hollywood Strike, Twitter Payments For Creators, California Woke Math, Hollywood Replaces Actors w/ AI, EV Prices Collapse w/ Doug DeMuro

Krystal and Saagar discuss DeSantis campaign tanking, new GOP fundraising numbers, Tucker Carlson rips Mike Pence on Ukraine live at a Turning Point event, Biden struggles on 2024 fundraising, SAG joins WGA in historic Hollywood strike as Ron Pearlman attacks Bob Iger’s comments on the strikers, Twitter begins payments for creators who post on the platform, Saagar looks into California doubling down on “Woke Math”, Krystal looks into the Hollywood Strike and how executives have been using AI to replace workers on all levels, and we’re joined by Car YouTube Expert Doug DeMuro to talk about Used Car Prices and the future of EV vehicles in America.

Timestamps: 00:00-Intro 2:11-Ukraine Bombs Crimean Bridge 6:14-DeSantis Sheds Staff As Campaign Slumps 16:23-Latest GOP Fundraising 29:48-Tucker Carlson Rips Mike Pence on Ukraine 38:51-Biden Struggles On 2024 Fundraising 50:06-SAG Joins WGA In Hollywood Strike 58:22-Twitter Begins Payments For Creators 1:06:15-California Doubles Down on Woke Math 1:16:19-Hollywood Using AI To Replace Actors 1:24:32-Doug DeMuro On Used Car Prices 1:35:43-EOS

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