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7/14/23: Biden Staff Fears His Private Rage, Record Number Of Americans Live Alone, CNN Attacks Cornel West, RFK Non Union Merch, School Choice Hidden Agenda, Publicly Funded Stadiums

This week we discuss reports of Biden’s private bouts of rage with his staff, a record numbers of Americans now live alone, CNN attacks Cornel West as a spoiler candidate, RFK Jr’s campaign is caught using foreign non union merch breaking from norms, James Li looks at the hidden agenda behind the “School Choice” movement, and Spencer Snyder looks at how publicly funded stadiums are a ripoff to taxpayers.

Timestamps: 0:00-Intro 00:13-Biden Private Rage 7:29-Record Number of Americans Live Alone 12:53-CNN Attacks Cornel West 30:11-RFK Jr. Non Union Merch 34:57-School Choice’s Hidden Agenda 47:00-Publicly Funded Stadiums Taxpayer Scam

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