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7/12/23: Trump, Dems Trash Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Tuberville Stumped On White Nationalism, Zelensky Fumes At NATO, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Tucker Interviews Andrew Tate, Oppenheimer Barbie Real History, Congress Covid Origins Hearing, Sierra Leone Elections

Ryan and Emily discuss bipartisan pushback to Cluster bombs to Ukraine, Zelensky fuming over NATO’s conditions on entrance, Tuberville stumped by CNN host on white nationalist question, Hunter Biden star witness indicted, judge approves Microsoft-Activision merger, Tucker Carlson interviews Andrew Tate, Emily looks at the real history of Oppenheimer and Barbie, Ryan looks into Congress holding Covid Origins hearing, and we’re joined by Chernoh Bah a journalist from Sierra Leone to talk about their recent elections.

Timestamps: 00:00-Intro 4:00-TRUMP, GAETZ, JOIN DEMS IN UKRAINE CLUSTER BOMB REBUKE 13:50-ZELENSKY FUMES AT NATO SNUB 19:52-TUBERVILLE STUMPED BY CNN HOST ON WHITE NATIONALIST 33:08-HUNTER BIDEN STAR WITNESS INDICTED BY FEDS 42:52-Activision Microsoft Merger 48:49-SHOCKING UPSET IN CWA UNION VOTE 54:56-Tucker Cozies Up To Andrew Tate After Charges 1:10:11-Emily on Barbie and Oppenheimer 1:23:22-Ryan on Covid Origins Hearing in Congress 1:35:45 -Chernoh Bah on Sierra Leone Elections 1:58:31-EOS

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