A Federal Ruling Restricts Oversight of Social Media

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July 7, 2023
If the proliferation of new social media platforms wasn’t enough to complicate the Internet landscape this week, a US district judge also dictated that federal government officials cannot contact employees at key social media platforms and Internet companies.

What is “most worrying” about Judge Doughty’s recent opinion, writes our D.C. Bureau Chief Chris Lehmann, is that “it upgrades the delusional precepts of the Twitter Files…into a de facto legal doctrine, while creating the very conditions for social media platforms to continue to handle the challenges of misinformation and lying in the dilatory fashion they strongly prefer.”

A Federal Ruling Restricts Oversight of Social Media
A Trump-appointed judge imposed limits on the Biden administration’s contact with online platforms, potentially opening the floodgates for unregulated misinformation.
Chris Lehmann
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