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7/06/23: Major SCOTUS Rulings, LGBTQ+ Rights Case Faked, Biden Blocked On Social Media Censoring, Facebook Launches Twitter Competitor, DeSantis Runs Trump Anti-LGBTQ Ad, New 2024 Data, UPS Workers Ready To Strike, Cocaine Found At White House, Lib Twitter Profile Exposed As Fake, American Marriage Plummets and Israel Launches Attacks In West Bank

Krystal and Emily discuss the major recent Supreme Court rulings, reports that the LGBTQ website case was based on a fake scenario, judge blocks Biden from pushing for censorship on social media, Fakebook launches Twitter competitor, DeSantis runs wild anti-Trump LGBTQ ad, new data on 2024 odds, UPS workers gear up for historic strike, cocaine found on White House grounds, liberal Twitter account exposed as a fake person, Americans bail on marriages, and Israel attacks the West Bank.

TimeStamps: (00:00)Intro (1:54)SCOTUS Case Breakdown (14:10)LGBTQ+ Wedding Website Case (23:59)Judge Blocks Biden Social Media Censoring (32:30)Zuck Launches Twitter Competitor (45:27)DeSantis’ Wild Anti-Trump LGBTQ Ad (1:00:32)Bettors Favor Newsom Over DeSantis (1:06:01)UPS Workers To Launch Historic Strike (1:13:31)Cocaine Found On White House Grounds (1:22:08)Lib Account Exposed As A Fake On Twitter (1:33:02)Marriage Rates Plummet For Young Americans (1:45:05)Israel Launches Attacks On West Bank Cities (1:58:03)End Of Show

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