Police called for someone trapped in the trunk of a car. It’s an embarrassing misunderstanding.


Teacher’s ridiculously accurate impression of a Keurig coffee machine goes viral

Coffee is one of those random adult things that connects everyone who has ever worked in a setting with multiple people. Whether it’s an office, a school or even a warehouse, it doesn’t matter; if you have to be there with other people, you can expect coffee to be made by someone, even if you don’t personally drink it. For this reason alone, most people know the sounds and smells a coffee maker creates.

And if you’ve been around for the past decade or more, then you know the sound a Keurig coffee machine makes, because if there’s one thing Americans love, it’s ease. A teacher on TikTok has clearly heard the sounds of a Keurig machine one too many times, because he’s mastered the sound.

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Mom shares her simple hack to cut back on both dirty dishes and waste in the kitchen

It is extremely hard to maintain a household with multiple kids and a never-ending supply of dirty plates. But this hack by mom Hadlee Daines (@hadleebreedaines) promises to make life simpler for all the homemakers out there through a technique that will cut back on wastage, reports Scary Mommy. Daines has described this hack in a video that has since gone viral on TikTok, attracting almost 20 million views.

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Police called for someone trapped in the trunk of a car. It’s an embarrassing misunderstanding.

Sometimes things happen that are just plain embarrassing, where you know three years down the road you’re likely going to wake up in a cold sweat remembering the thing that you hope everyone else has forgotten. But with the power of the internet, those hilariously humiliating moments can be cemented into internet history.

And if you’re really unlucky, your embarrassment can become a meme. One that haunts you every few months for the rest of your life—unless you’re the one that posts the video, then it’s safe to assume you’re perfectly fine with the entire world having a belly laugh at your expense. At least that’s the logic that makes the most sense in this instance.

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Mom explains why ’emotional regulation’ is the most exhausting part of being a parent

In a heartfelt TikTok post, an exasperated Annalee Grace admits that her expectations of motherhood haven’t matched the reality of having children. And the difference between how people talk about parenting and the troubles she’s recently faced has made her feel alone.

However, after posting her video, many commenters shared that they also struggle with one of the hardest but under-discussed parts of being a parent, regulating one’s emotions.

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If Tom Hanks is ‘America’s Dad,’ who would be its ‘Cool Uncle’?

Tom Hanks’ wholesome, relatable and reassuring on-screen presence has been said by many to have fatherlike qualities. Over the years, Hanks’ portrayal of genuine, honest characters in films such as “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Cast Away” has etched him into the heart of many Americans, earning him the endearing title “America’s Dad.”

Further, Hanks’ off-screen personality closely tracks many of his “everyman” characters, solidifying his reputation as a father figure. And the fact that he’s maintained this reputation in the cutthroat world of Hollywood is a true feat, given the number of years he’s been in the limelight.

So, if Tom Hanks is “America’s Dad,” who in popular culture could take the role of “America’s Cool Uncle”?

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