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Pence’s Pallid Pomp

Fintan O’Toole
Unrepentant Pence

Mike Pence’s religiosity may be entirely sincere, but it is also instrumental and highly politicized. He, like Trump, is in show business.

Carolina A. Miranda
‘Places That Weren’t Supposed to Be Places’

Three exhibitions of Caribbean art in New York, San Juan, and Chicago show artists intent on rewriting the history of the region.

How to Fold

a poem by
Terrance Hayes

Seated alone at the edge of the bed
grasp the finest fabric first,

the shrunken sock or silk softest to touch
among laundry high & hot enough

to wrestle your body in rags and towels
and undivided multicolor trappings…

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Martin Filler
Poet of Shubert Alley

The late Broadway lyricist Sheldon Harnick, in Fiddler on the Roof and above all She Loves Me, gave the musical comedy a rare insight, poetic delicacy, and emotional intimacy.

Free from the Archives

In the Review’s October 22, 1992, issue, at a moment in American history when “Republican presidents…have made eleven consecutive appointments to the nine-member Supreme Court” and “Reagan and Bush have appointed about 70 percent of current judges on the federal courts of appeals,” Cass R. Sunstein asked “How Independent Is the Court?”

Cass R. Sunstein
How Independent Is the Court?

“The belief in judicial independence must be put in question in any period in which the meaning of the Constitution tends to follow the policies and values of those who appointed the justices.”


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