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Right-Wing Supreme Court OKs Bigotry, Cancels Student Loan Forgiveness Enforcing Hard Line on Social Programs

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Discrimination

The court’s conservatives used a dubious case to greatly expand the right of business owners to discriminate.

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Biden blasts SCOTUS decision allowing anti-LGBTQ discrimination – again urges Congress to pass Equality Act

Like many others, the President warned that the Court’s decision may be widely applied and harm many across the country.

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Supreme Court Overturns Joe Biden’s Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plan

The decision will force the 26 million Americans who applied for forgiveness to pay their loans in full.

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Biden plots new course to get relief for student loan borrowers

President Biden on Friday announced new actions to offer student loan borrowers some forgiveness, reintroducing his forgiveness plan grounded in the Higher Education Act (HEA).

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Christie says he’s ‘living in Donald’s head’ after Trump shares photo of him sleeping

Trump posted an image of Christie sleeping on Truth Social with the caption, “Resting after a good 25 minutes of work”

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Protesters Blast Moms For Liberty Summit in Philly: ‘Klanned Karenhood’

“For people to come out here and stand against this kind of fascism is necessary.”

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DeSantis Posts Deranged Ad Attacking Trump and Pride Month With ‘American Psycho’ Clips

The video opened with a 2016 clip of Trump telling the Republican National Convention, “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,”

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Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Controversial Gun Case That Could Allow Abusers To Possess Guns

In United States v. Zackey Rahimi, the Court will decide whether last year’s landmark Bruen ruling negates a federal law against possessing guns while subject to a protective order.

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State Department’s Afghanistan withdrawal report shows there wasn’t a plan for ‘worst-case scenarios’

The report offered strong criticism of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the rapid fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the collapse of the Afghan government.

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No Labels hits back against progressive group in letter to secretaries of states

No Lables national co-chairs accused MoveOn of “making false and misleading assertions about No Labels’ ballot access effort in states nationwide.”

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Shutting down the right-wing rabbit hole is possible: First, follow the money

Schools and parents are suing social media giants over their “addictive” algorithms. Can that force a reckoning?

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Putin, Prigozhin, and Russia’s Long, Bloody History of Fallen Favorites

Like his predecessors from Peter the Great to Stalin, Vladimir Putin has flaunted his unchecked power by elevating ruthless outsiders into positions of prestige and influence. When such relationships sour, things get very ugly, very fast.

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Two of the Worst Far-Right Groups Are Now Fighting Each Other

An online beef between the Proud Boys and neo-Nazi Active clubs is threatening to spill into real-world violence.

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Tranq Dope Deaths In the U.S. Are Skyrocketing

Overdoses linked to tranq, the street drug that can cause horrific wounds, have spiked 276 percent, according to the CDC.

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Giant kites could pull cargo ships across the ocean – and slash their carbon emissions

French company Airseas has developed the Seawing, a kite to help propel cargo ships, which it says could cut their carbon emissions by an average of 20%.

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Supreme Court Term Limits

The Supreme Court of the United States is one of the most powerful institutions in the country. Its decisions can impact the lives of millions of people, and it has the authority to interpret the Constitution and strike down laws passed by Congress. However, there is growing concern that the Court has become too politicized, and that its legitimacy is being eroded by the perception of corruption and unjust appointments.

One way to restore trust in the Supreme Court is to implement term limits for its justices. Currently, Supreme Court justices serve for life, which means that once they are appointed, they can remain on the Court for decades. This has led to a situation where the Court is dominated by justices who were appointed by presidents from one political party or another, and who often vote along predictable ideological lines.

By implementing term limits, we can ensure that the Court is more diverse and that its decisions are not influenced by political considerations. Justices who know they will be leaving the Court after a set period of time will be less likely to cater to special interests. They will also be more likely to make decisions based on the law and the Constitution, rather than their personal beliefs or preferences.

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The Gun Epidemic

It’s no secret that gun violence is a serious issue in our country. In recent years, the use of AR-15 assault rifles has only served to further escalate the epidemic of gun deaths that we are seeing throughout our communities. From the devastating impact of these weapons to the urgent need for gun control legislation, this issue is more pressing than ever before. It’s time to take a closer look at the human cost of gun violence, the fear of gun violence in our communities, and the power of community engagement in creating local solutions.

The use of AR-15s in lethal violence is sadly on the rise across the nation. We are seeing an increase in the number of murders and deaths due to these weapons. These assault rifles have a devastating impact on our communities, leaving innocent people dead and families broken. It is important to create awareness around the dangers of AR-15s and the way these weapons are used in our society. We must take action to make our communities safer and do our part to ban these weapons and stop the gun epidemic.

The AR-15 is a powerful weapon that can cause tremendous destruction. It is a semi-automatic weapon that is capable of firing multiple rounds in a single burst, making it particularly lethal. We must be aware of the potential for these weapons to be used in mass shootings and other violent acts. It is important to recognize that we can prevent such tragedies if we take the right steps.

Creating awareness of the dangers of AR-15s is paramount to preventing further gun violence. We must educate ourselves and our communities about the potential consequences of these weapons. We must also take steps to ensure that these weapons are not accessible to those who would misuse them. By taking these actions, we can help to make our communities safer and prevent the devastating impact of assault rifles.

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