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MSM Has Convinced Even Republicans to Believe Hunter’s Business is No Big Deal

After reading my commentary about my self-inflicted ordeal of listening to NPR for a month, a friend noted this station’s “reports” bear no resemblance to “objective reality.” Can so many Americans, asked my correspondent, believe that the U.S. is full of oppressed transgendered who must take up arms to protect themselves against “anti-trans rhetoric?” Do NPR listeners really think American blacks are suffering from “systemic white racism,” and that only increased government control can protect them from being shot on the streets by white racists?

Apparently, some people are convinced by what the MSM is feeding them. About half of those surveyed in a recent Reuter/Ipsos poll, including 25% of self-identified Republicans, think, for instance, that Hunter Biden was appropriately charged by our Department of Justice. These respondents have announced that neither Hunter’s sinister behavior nor his father’s possible involvement in his business deals will influence their vote in next year’s presidential race.

According to about half these respondents, the deal Hunter reached with prosecutors for his “two misdemeanors,” was presumably no big deal. These voters may also think that “the Big Guy” was not entangled in his son’s money laundering or in his shakedown of foreign governments. The same respondents may also doubt that there was anything incriminating on Hunter’s laptop or that the FBI did anything wrong by not treating its contents seriously.

Despite what looks like a disastrous presidency and his failing cognitive abilities, Biden is still running neck and neck with his main Republican rivals for the presidency. According to the latest NBC poll, Biden enjoys a four-point lead over Trump and the Democrats hold a two-point generic lead over the GOP for Congress. This leads me to ask: Is roughly half the country disregarding the information that I have been listening to about Hunter’s felonies and Joe’s patent involvement in his son’s misdeeds? Do people honestly think that neither Hunter’s laptop nor the whistleblowers’ testimony should be considered when measuring the Biden family’s transgressions? And were all the efforts to show that Joe had a hand in his son’s criminality just driven by Republican hysteria?


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