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Erick Erickson On Saving The GOP

The Christian conservative has shown grace and integrity in the era of Trump.

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Andrew Sullivan

Erick is a radio host and writer. He was an old-school blogger at RedState, serving as editor-in-chief, and he later became a political contributor for CNN and Fox News. Today he hosts the “Erick Erickson Show” on WSB Radio in Atlanta and runs a popular substack of the same name. He’s also in Reformed Theological Seminary working toward a PhD in theology.

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Other topics: Erick growing up in Dubai; his family hosting parties for US sailors; moving back to the “insanity” of Louisiana; finding a permanent home in Georgia; his early career as an election lawyer; leaving his firm to become a blogger; his near-death experience on a plane; his near-death illness; his wife’s remarkable survival with a rare cancer; his personal candor with blog readers and radio listeners; the nasty and threatening encounters that he and his family had to endure because of his criticism of Trump; the fluke of Trump getting three SCOTUS picks; the court decision that finally overturned Roe; the resulting political challenge the GOP faces on abortion; the Hobby Lobby case; the role of Ukraine in 2024 election; Tim Scott as a happy warrior; Trump’s bitter campaign of retribution; the curious inability of DeSantis to gain more traction; Trump’s boxes of documents; the nihilism of the illiberal right; Erick’s optimism that the GOP will right itself; Hispanic and black voters moving to the right; and Erick urging his fellow Republicans to think more locally when it comes to politics.

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