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Banning Trump From the Ballot, Dark Brandon Swats Tuberville, UPS Strike Imminent

Thursday, June 29, 2023
Nevada Secretary of State Asked to Ban Trump From the Ballot

Two pro-democracy groups have asked Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar to ban Trump from the ballot in the state due to inciting the 1/6 insurrection.

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Biden Roasts Tuberville for Celebrating Infrastructure Bill He Voted Against

Dark Brandon is enjoying this one.

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Nationwide UPS Strike ‘Imminent,’ Teamsters Warn After Rejecting ‘Appalling’ Contract Offer

“UPS executives couldn’t make it one more day without insulting and ignoring union leaders and rank-and-filers as negotiations resumed on Wednesday.”

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Ron DeSantis says he would eliminate four federal agencies if elected president

Florida’s Republican governor said he would seek to abolish the departments of Education, Commerce and Energy, as well as the IRS.

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RFK Jr. Refuses to Rule Out Backing a Republican Over Biden: ‘I Don’t Know What I’ll Do’

During the same town hall on Wednesday, Kennedy said he was proud of former President Donald Trump’s praise of him because he wants to bring all Americans together.

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Biden tries to flip skeptical Americans on his economic plan

U.S. President Joe Biden worked to lift Americans’ dour mood about the economy with what his aides billed as a major speech on Wednesday, an effort to shore up a top political weakness as he seeks re-election.

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Progressive group urges secretaries of state to investigate No Labels for misleading voters

The letter asks the secretary to “investigate the work and practices of No Labels’ staff and canvassers, as they may be actively working to get on the ballot in your state” and to “ensure that No Labels’ electoral activity in your state is legal and above board.”

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Justice Department says new Florida law restricting Chinese land ownership is unconstitutional

The legal action by the department is just the latest skirmish between the Biden administration and Ron DeSantis in recent years.

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The Media Is Reckoning With How to Cover RFK Jr.’s Presidential Run

“There’s a difference between giving him a town hall and just covering his candidacy,” one network executive says.

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Hunter Splatter Analysis

The president’s sad, delusional, haunted son is no longer a mere fixation for Republican house members and MAGA podcasters. Hunter Biden’s scandal has gone mainstream. Is it a legit ’24 problem?

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Netanyahu sees upside to China’s growing involvement in Middle East

“It could be useful because it will compel the U.S. to stay here.”

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The Ukraine War Is Being Used as a Pretext For Antisemitic Attacks in Germany

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is being linked with 1 in 10 attacks on Jewish people, new research has found.

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Canadian Wildfire Smoke Brings Hazy Skies to Europe, “Very Unhealthy” Air Alerts in U.S. Cities

This week the plume from worsening fires in Quebec and Ontario crossed the North Atlantic, bringing hazy skies to Spain and Portugal. Meanwhile, there are warnings and advisories for excessive heat in effect again today in several Southwestern and Southern states.

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Human remains likely recovered from wreckage of Titan submersible

“The evidence will provide investigators from several international jurisdictions with critical insights into the cause of this tragedy,” Marine Board of Investigation Chair Captain Jason Neubauer said in a statement.

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Biden has started using CPAP machine for sleep apnea

White House physician Kevin O’Connor in February wrote that Biden is “fit for duty” in a medical memo after the president underwent his annual physical examination.

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In 2021, then President Trump participated in an Insurrection. He also has many outstanding legal cases against him.

The relevant constitutional provision is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, enacted in the aftermath of the Civil War and mentioned in the article of impeachment proposed before the House today. The provision bars a person from holding any office “under the United States” if the person has sworn an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the government or “given aid to the enemies” of the U.S.

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Systemic racism continues to be a deeply rooted issue that permeates various aspects of society, perpetuating inequality, discrimination, and injustice. Confronting systemic racism requires acknowledging its existence, understanding its mechanisms, and taking deliberate actions to dismantle discriminatory structures. By engaging in honest conversations, implementing policy reforms, promoting inclusivity, and supporting marginalized communities, we can work towards a more equitable and just society.

To confront systemic racism, it is crucial to first recognize its existence and understand its impact on marginalized communities. Systemic racism refers to the policies, practices, and institutions that perpetuate discrimination and disadvantage certain racial and ethnic groups. It is a deeply ingrained and interconnected web that affects education, employment, housing, criminal justice, healthcare, and numerous other areas of life. By acknowledging this reality, we can begin to address the deep-seated inequalities that persist.

Confronting systemic racism requires open and honest conversations about privilege, bias, and the experiences of marginalized communities. By actively listening, learning, and empathizing, we can gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals affected by systemic racism. It is essential to create safe spaces for dialogue, foster empathy, and encourage self-reflection to promote a more inclusive and understanding society.

To bring about lasting change, systemic reforms are needed at every level of society. This includes implementing policies that address racial disparities in areas such as education, employment, criminal justice, and healthcare. These reforms may include equitable distribution of resources, addressing biased practices within institutions, promoting diversity and inclusion, and reforming sentencing and policing practices.

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Warren’s tenure in the Senate has been marked by her tireless work on behalf of her constituents. She has been a strong voice for healthcare reform, environmental protection, and economic justice. Her outspoken criticism of Wall Street and big banks has made her a target for conservatives, but she has never backed down from a fight.

As a former law professor and expert in bankruptcy law, Warren has a deep understanding of the economic challenges facing middle-class families. She has been a leading voice in the fight for student loan reform, and has championed legislation to make college more affordable for all Americans.

In Congress, Warren has been a leader on progressive issues, including gun control, reproductive rights, and immigration reform. She has also been a vocal opponent of the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine healthcare access, environmental protections, and civil rights.

With her fierce commitment to progressive values and her deep understanding of the issues facing working families, Warren is the clear choice for re-election in 2024.

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