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6/28/23: Time Bomb In SCOTUS 2024 Ruling?, Report: Trump Aide Wanted To Drone Immigrants, 2024 Candidate Faceplants China Question, Modern Men Cry More, Gov Closes Case On Epstein, Liz Cheney Whining, Office Space Apocalypse

Krystal and Emily discuss a SCOTUS ruling that could effect 2024 race, a report that a Trump aide wanted to drone strike immigrants attempting to cross the border, Miami mayor and 2024 GOP candidate faceplants on a basic question about China, a study showing Modern Men cry more than Women, a Gov report hopes to close the case on the Epstein “suicide”, Liz Cheney whines that we’re “electing idiots”, and the Office Space Apocalypse hits NYC.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:56)”TIME BOMB” In SCOTUS 2024 Ruling? (10:41)Did Supreme Court Just Give Online STALKERS A Free Pass? (20:42)REPORT: Trump Aide Wanted To DRONE Immigrants (34:13)2024 Candidate FACEPLANTS On Basic China Question (50:47)STUDY: MODERN MEN CRY MORE THAN WOMEN (1:00:56)Gov Report Tries To CLOSE CASE On Epstein “Suicide” (1:07:34)Liz Cheney WHINES ‘We’re Electing IDIOTS’ (1:21:42)Office Space APOCALYPSE Hits NYC (1:39:01)EOS

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