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The Lighthouse: Inflation Nonsense | DeSantis vs. Disney | Creative Destruction in Higher Ed

June 27, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
President Biden’s Inflation Malarkey

Alexander William Salter (AIER)

Contrary to President Biden’s recent Wall Street Journal musings about the causes of inflation, here are some facts. COVID spending in excess of revenues was $6 trillion, and $3.3 trillion of the resulting government bonds ended up on the Fed’s balance sheet. That means the central bank monetized more than half the deficit. Record inflation? Inevitable…. READ MORE »

The Terrible 10

A Century of Economic Folly

By Burton A. Abrams

DeSantis-Disney Feud: A Debate, Part 1: Will Ron DeSantis’s Feud with Disney Be His Political Undoing?

Samuel B. Staley (The Beacon)

DeSantis retaliated against Disney’s constitutionally protected exercise of free speech. He is wrong to use the Florida government to punish a private company—unwittingly linking arms with progressive leftists who want to subordinate business to state power. DeSantis’s war against woke business could be his political undoing. READ MORE »

DeSantis-Disney Feud: A Debate, Part 2: Entitled Disney Flexes its Muscles, and Is Offended When DeSantis Responds

Graham H. Walker (The Beacon)

Like other corporate giants, Disney pushed progressive politics and got burned. DeSantis was within his rights. A private company does not have a constitutional right to a governmentally-conferred special district, and can’t cry foul when it loses it by throwing its weight around. But why should a private company get a special favor in the first place? READ MORE »

Higher Education Needs Some Creative Destruction

Richard K. Vedder (Minding the Campus)

Back in Adam Smith’s day, professorial income depended on obtaining tuition money directly from students—and guess what? Faculty applied themselves, carefully preparing for class, helping students outside the classroom. Students flourished. But they aren’t today. Clearly, we need some old-fashioned “creative destruction” in higher ed. READ MORE »

Restoring the Promise

Higher Education in America

By Richard K. Vedder

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