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6/27/23: Leaked Audio Trump Admits Classified Doc Possession, Putin Breaks Silence After Coup, Biden Confronted On Hunter, SCOTUS Wife Corruption, Blackrock CEO ESG, Fox Fires Tucker Staff, 1 Million Subs, Global Underclass Of AI

Krystal and Saagar discuss new leaked audio of Trump admitting to classified document possession, Putin and Prigozhin breaking their silence after failed coup, Biden denying US involvement in Russian coup, Zelensky saying no elections until end of war, Biden confronted on Hunter’s lies, The View excusing the Hunter corruption, SCOTUS Justice’s wife caught in corrupt deal, the Blackrock CEO ashamed of ESG, Fox firing Tucker’s staff and promoting Jesse Waters, Krystal and Saagar celebrate the milestone of hitting 1 million subscribers, and we’re joined by guest Josh Dzieza from The Verge on his story around the global underclass of human labor that’s powering AI.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (2:47)Trump Admits Classified Doc Possession (10:44)Putin, Prigozhin BREAK SILENCE After Failed Coup (20:02)Biden DENIES US Involvement In Russian Coup (27:16)Zelensky: NO Elections Until End Of War (32:04)Biden CONFRONTED On Hunter Biden Lies (40:10)The View EXCUSES Hunter Corruption: ‘Fatherly Love’ (46:28)SCOTUS Justice Wife CAUGHT In Corrupt Deal (55:41)Blackrock CEO ‘ASHAMED’ Of ESG (1:04:57)Fox FIRES Tucker Staffers, Promotes Jesse Waters (1:10:29)Krystal And Saagar CELEBRATE 1 Million Subscribers (1:18:11)Meet the GLOBAL UNDERCLASS Powering AI (1:32:53)EOS

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