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MTG Thinks Her TV Is Watching Her, Christie on Trump: ‘Like He’s Some Adonis’, ‘A Colossal Political Miscalculation’

Monday, June 26, 2023


Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes Her TV Is Spying On Her

Marjorie Taylor Greene released a tweet on Sunday stating that she believes someone is spying on her through a television after it “turned on by itself.”

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‘Like he’s some Adonis?’ Christie remains unmoved by Trump weight jokes

Former President Donald Trump has, more than once, attacked ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight, as a way to intimidate his rival GOP hopeful.

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Conservative retired federal judge calls GOP ‘spineless’ in scathing rebuke of Trump

Luttig called Republican support of Trump, the current front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, “a colossal political miscalculation.”

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LGBTQ+ Pride Month reaches its grand crescendo on city streets from New York to San Francisco

While some people whooped it up in celebration, many were mindful of the growing conservative countermovement, including new laws banning gender-affirming care for transgender children.

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Biden and Zelenskyy Discuss ‘Recent Events in Russia’

“We discussed the course of hostilities and the processes taking place in Russia,” Zelenskyy said in a tweet. “The world must put pressure on Russia until international order is restored.”

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Russian State TV Anchors Aghast that Putin Didn’t Kill Prigozhin

During the first post-mutiny broadcast of Sunday Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, propagandists focused on praising Putin’s infinite wisdom for ending the revolt in a speedy manner.

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Putin Is Caught in His Own Trap

After spending years cultivating public apathy, the Russian president found his people indifferent to his fate.

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Trump’s GOP lead grows after latest indictment, poll finds

But a new national NBC News poll shows the party is split over whether Trump should remain the leader of the GOP.

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Nancy Pelosi Says Supreme Court Justices Should Face Term Limits

The former House speaker also argued that the Supreme Court should face ethics regulations as well.

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Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Accuses the White House of ‘Drumming Up’ the Russia Uprising to Distract from Hunter Biden’s ‘Blockbuster What’sApp Message’

“I know that the State Department and the White House would like everybody to move the Hunter Biden story off of the front page and start talking about all the drama in Russia over the weekend,” Bartiromo said.

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North Korea holds rallies denouncing US, warns of nuclear war

People shouted slogans vowing a “war of revenge” to destroy the United States, as it marked the 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, state media reported on Monday.

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10 Years After Supreme Court Gutted Voting Rights, Advocates Say Congress Must Reverse Damage

At least 29 of the voter suppression laws passed since the Shelby v. Holder County decision would have been subject to the preclearance provision that the ruling ended.

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San Antonio airport worker dies after being ‘ingested’ into airplane engine in apparent freak accident

A Delta flight arriving from Los Angeles was taxiing to the gate when an employee was sucked into the engine, the NTSB said.

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Woman allegedly shoots Uber driver, thinking he kidnapped her and was taking her to Mexico

“The investigation does not support that a kidnapping took place or that Piedra was veering from Copas’ destination,” the statement said.

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